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Remember the Alamo for Fine Mexican-American Food in Milford, MA


by Eric H.

I've always had a soft spot in my heart for restaurants that are located in a house. During childhood, places like the Knotty Pine (a modest colonial-style home) in Old Forge, NY, and the Red Sleigh (an unassuming L-shaped ranch) in Cooperstown, NY, provided a dining place where the novelty of feeling like you were eating in someone's dining room felt far safer and cozier than going to some sterile, modern building to eat.

That feeling has never gone away, so a recent trip to the Alamo in Milford, MA, helped recreate those nice memories -- although this time, I did not use the crayons and coloring books while waiting for the meal as I stopped doing that three month ago (just kidding).

The Alamo features an ultra-cozy downstairs, dimly-lit dining room and an even cozier upstairs bar where it's friendly enough for kids to dine with their parents.

Forget the fact that the Alamo resides far away from the city around generic shopping centers where frantic soccer moms and self-entitled business people seem to always be talking on their cell phones and causing many car accidents around the Route 109/495 intersection.

The Alamo serves authentic and near-authentic Mexican-American food that rank with the best in Boston and its suburban towns and cities.
 My meal of perfectly- seasoned beef with mild red suace, great tasting peppers, amply served, in a flour tortilla and some wonderful Mexican rice begged for another portion (although the first one was probably enough food for two). My friends feasted on some picture-perfect tacos, burritos,  and enchiladas that you see on those Mexican chain restaurant television commercials, but never actually experience when dining there. For the drinking crowd, people seemed to really enjoy the margaritas, as evidenced by second and third requests to the waitstaff. The salsa is simply amazing and plentiful since they keep on bringing it out with the refills of free chips.

Our service was quick, personable and efficient, done in textbook style by a bright waitress who generally enjoyed her job.  This was great to see, as recently it seemed like restaurants we've been to made a point out of hiring disinterested, lethargic malcontents who passed their misery along to us, the customer.  Not here at the Alamo, however, as the waitstaff all seemed to be having a good time with the customers.

I highly recommend you try the Alamo if it's Mexican cuisine you're looking for. Sure, they have fettucine alfredo and chocolate cake on the menu, but, hey, who knows, perhaps in, say,  Mexico's Oaxaca Mountain Region, fettucine and chocolate cake are regional favorites.  I've never been to Mexico, but I can tell you that after taking seven years of Spanish at school -- where all we seemed to do was sample real Mexican food -- that the Alamo is, most likely, the real deal.  What I had was phenomenal, so a return trip to sample more of this wonderful cuisine will, no doubt, be soon. Plus, that special feeling of going out to dine in a house wil never, ever fade away.

Remember the Alamo the next time you're in the mood for great Mexican food!

The Alamo
55 Medway Rd.
Milford, MA 01757
(508) 482-0030


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