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Spotlight on Lincoln NH

by Eric H.,

The Lincoln, NH, area has seemingly always been built for instant childhood memories, but adults often follow the same route. An appealing four-season vacation destination, Lincoln and nearby Woodstock are best known for ski areas like Loon Mountain (offering 2,100 vertical ft. of mountain skiing and riding, plus really great panoramic views) and spectacular fall foliage along the famed Kancamagus Highway, but it's also a first-class summer destination. For starters, there's Clark's Trading Post, a famous roadside attraction featuring a trained bear show and the White Mountain Central Railroad that takes you through the best of rural scenic New Hampshire.  The Flume Gorge is another fun summer attraction. The Flume Gorge is a natural granite gorge extending 800 feet at the base of Mount Liberty, with towering granite walls rise to a spectacular height of 90 feet.  Local family restaurants and hotels dot the vacation landscape, while rugged mountain views provide all the scenery you could ever want. Speaking of mountain views, Mt. Washington, the highest point in New England at 6,288 ft., is close by and features great hiking, and an auto road to the top where you'll find amazing views and severe weather most of the year (it can even snow in the summer at the top).

Lincoln is tailor-made for family vacations. It's kind of cheesey with mini golf, theme parks and no shortage of ice cream, hot dogs and chicken fingers, but it's all endearing in a 1950s innocent way that will make both kids and adults smile.

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Lincoln Pros: Family-friendly, great mountain views, fun attractions, affordable vacation opportunities.

Lincoln Cons: Attractions are scattered along busy roads, so unless you're hiking a mountain, expect to drive from one attraction to another.

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Lincoln, NH

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One star -- Travel destination with some appeal, but uneven.
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Three Stars -- A New England travel destination well worth considering.
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Five Stars -- The best of what New England has to offer.

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