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Anthi Frangiadis Associates - VisitingNewEngland small business partnership

Anthi Frangiadis Brings Art, Architecture and Community Together in Marion, Massachusetts

Article and photos, unless otherwise noted, by Eric Hurwitz. Article created on 5/18/2018.

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Anthi Fragiadis, owner of Anthi Fragiadis Associates in Marion, Massachusetts
Anthi Frangiadis displays an example of her keen sense of art and architecture at her business, Anthi Frangiadis Associates in Marion, Mass.

The spirit, vision and myriad art and architectural services that Anthi Frangiadis Associates offers in Marion, Mass., paints and constructs a small business picture that owner Anthi Frangiadis can truly call her own under one roof.

Combining architectural needs for commercial, residential and mixed use with a comprehensive art showroom,
it could be said that Anthi's business, itself, is a piece of marvelous art -- which ties in with her philosophy: "From a seed thought, magnificent structures can evolve." The store is beautifully designed and laid out -- metaphorically speaking, as a unique primary independent aesthetic function in the form of a business.

Art, furniture and books at Anthi Associates in Marion, Massachusetts.
Plenty to choose from for the home or office at Anthi's store.

undreds of paintings and other artistic expressions can be found at Anthi's showroom. Additionally, many pieces are made from clay, fiber, glass, metal, mixed media, stone and wood. All art work is for sale, order or commission and is also showcased at the online store for those who can't make it to the store (although it is highly recommended to visit Anthi Frangiadis Associates!).

Unique to architectural firms, art is clearly a big part of Anthi's business.

"We carry art pieces for a few different reasons." said Anthi. "I am a creative person and love being surrounded by these works. With art and architecture, I love helping people find their needs -- they make all the difference to me."

As the "heart" of Anthi's offices, the front room and the Drawing Room are open to the public and, together, offer events, demonstrations, paints and wallpapers (from the highly regarded English company, Farrow & Ball), unique lighting, fabric and tile, upholstered furniture and artisan's original work from throughout New England.

The Drawing Room at Anthi Frangiadis Associates in Marion, Massachusetts.
Entrance to the Drawing Room at Anthi Frangiadis Associates.

Ashley Briggs, a Marion resident whose "You Are a Hero!" artistic creation is featured as part of the Commemoration Outdoor Art Installation exhibit at the Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich, Mass., enthuses about Anthi's business.

"I love this place," said Briggs. "She has wonderful events, new artists, and demonstrations that I love. I come here to buy gifts. Every time I am here, I want to bring something home! The great thing about the store is you can buy items that are unique with each one telling a special story."

Anthi, as the sole business owner of Anthi Frangiadis Associates, is a model study of focus, skill and experience in her chosen fields. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) in Providence, R.I., in 1996 with a bachelors degree in architecture and a bachelors degree in fine arts with a concentration in art history.

"I went to RISD, which is known as an art school, for architecture," said Anthi, an Onset, Mass., resident. "Kind of the best of both worlds."

She is a member of the American Institute of Architects, Boston Society of Architects and American Planning Association with community affiliations to the Cape Cod Chamber Regional Chamber of Commerce and the American Independent Business Alliance. a business in Marion six years ago seems compatible with the town that often looks like the ultimate scenic landscape painting. A quiet south coastal Massachusetts community with beautiful coastal scenes, Marion combines what looks like Mother's Nature's own artistic painting with a town's mission to keep things quaint in a traditional New England way.

Sometimes the journey is as wonderful as the destination, and that's certainly the case driving through downtown Marion to arrive at Anthi Frangiadis Associates. Instant New England travel memories seem to happen from virtually every perspective en route to Anthi's storefront...

Harbor in Marion, Massachusetts  -- one of the most underrated coastal towns in New England.
Harbor in Marion.

The sleepy, but interesting downtown offers things to do to complement visiting Anthi's business with little mom and pop shops, a few places to eat, and the wonderful Marion General Store (not pictured here) with its traditional mix of general store items and fresh meats.

Marion, Massachusetts quaint central district
Downtown Marion.

Turning the corner onto Spring St. reveals a classic-tree lined American small town street with big old homes, historic municipal buildings and Anthi's most welcoming storefront.

Anthi Frangiadis Associates, Marion, Massachusetts
Anthi Frangiadis Associates on Spring St. Photo supplied by Anthi Frangiadis.

The town is nearly silent on this particular evening, but one step into Anthi Frangiadis Associates reveals warm conversation going on over some wine, cheese and light jazz music in The Drawing Room. Bobbi Heath, an accomplished artist from Westford, Mass., recently held a well-attended workshop in The Drawing Room, as part of Art Week (a statewide event produced by the Boch Center and presented by the Highland Street Foundation). Heath has a love coastal and harbor scenes in the United States and Europe, as well as painting still life subjects.

Bobbi Heath teaches an art workshop at Anthi Frangiadis Associates in Marion, Massachusetts
Artist Bobbi Heath.

Art night at the Drawing Room at Anthi Frangiadis Associates in Marion, Massachusetts.
Observing the master artist create a drawing.

Bobbi's next project involves painting tailor-made coastal paintings for those who can't get to their desired locations.

"Painting coastal memories... lots of people love nature but don't have enough time or are unable to get there," said Heath. "I can work with people to create their favorite spots."

Events like Bobbi's take place year-round in The Drawing Room at Anthi's business -- perfect for those wanting to learn about, or share the love of art in a relaxing informal setting. The room looks part art studio, part architectural firm with paintings, blueprints and supplies packing the small but efficient space. At any one of the Drawing Room events, it wouldn't be unusual to see many of the masters who created the art.

Bernie Klim, an artist and educator with a fine arts degree from the Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Mass., has many displays of his art work showcased at Anthi's store...

Artist Bernie Klim and his art work at Anthi Frnagiadis Associates in Marion, Massachusetts
Artist Bernie Klim with one one of his displays.

Barnie Klim's art work at Anthi Frangiadis Associates in Marion, Massachusetts.
A closer look at Bernie Klim's art work.

Mary Ross can often be seen at Anthi's store. She is 90, and has a passion for, and expertise in collage and landscape art. She is a longtime resident of Marion and very confident of her abilities.

"I am good and can say that because I am 90," said Ross, with a laugh. "I can't stop (drawing) and don't have to retire. This is what I enjoy doing."

Mary Ross, a 90-year-old artist, at The Drawing Room in Marion, Massachusetts.
Mary Ross, a long-time Marion resident and artist.

Anthi's business also ties in perfectly with the Marion Art Center (MAC), a not-for-profit established in 1957 with a mission to promote the visual and performing arts in town. The history of the Marion Art Center is impressive as many famous writers and artists from the "Gilded Age" came to the area to share ideas and each other's company, including Henry James and Ethel, John and Lionel Barrymore. The Marion Art Center features a permanent collection of portraits by Cecil Clark Davis. To this day, a remarkable percentage of local residents are involved with the Marion Art Center.

MAC Board Member Jennifer Wolfe Webb and her husband Davis had a renovation done at their Marion home by Anthi. They think the world of Anthi

"She is a special person and talented at so many things," said Webb. "We love having her in town, as she adds so much to our community."

Anthi, humble in nature, appreciates the community, client and customer accolades, but is also thankful that she can have own business as not only a job but as a lifestyle.

"I just love accenting the blend of art and architecture," said Anthi.

Anthi Frangiadis Associates is located at 11 Spring Street, Marion MA, 02738. Tel. 508-748-3494. Web site: Facebook fan page:

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The spirit, vision and myriad art and architectural services that Anthi Frangiadis Associates offers in Marion, Mass., paints and constructs a small business picture that owner Anthi Frangiadis can truly call her own under one roof.

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