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Fresh Apple Cider... In April!

Article By Robbie Feinberg
Londonderry Hometown Online News Reporter. Photo by Steve Young

Editor's note: we thank Robbie Feinburg and Steve Young, of the Londonderry Hometown Online News, for this great New England travel writing contribution to We always encourage citizen and professional journalists (including student writers) to contribute articles on New England travel. Write us, and we'll consider your article for publication).

Apple Cider Making, Mack's, Londonderry, N.H.Londonderry, N.H. - When it comes to Mack's Apples cider, an old-school approach is leading to some delicious new tastes.

Mack's Apples, a Londonderry, N.H.-based company most famous for its many delicious varieties of apples, is also churning out apple cider throughout the spring. Using apples taken directly from the surrounding orchards, Mack's is able to create cider with a certain flavor and character that is unique to the company.

One of the ways that Mack's is able to create such a unique drink is through the way that they create each individual gallon of cider. Instead of using a more advanced press that could create more cider in less time, the company instead opts to use an old-fashioned press. The press only allows the company to produce around 1.5-2.5 gallons of cider per bushel of apple, which is significantly lower than what a much larger press could produce. While it may take more time to create cider this way, “with our press you're able to get a rich cider that tastes more old-fashioned,” explained Andy Mack Jr., owner of Mack's Apples.

Not only does the farm create their cider with a slower process, but they also opt for a different strategy in making sure their product is kept clean and disease-free. Instead of strict pasteurization, which is the normal way for cider to stay preserved and clean, Mack’s Apples creates clean unpasteurized cider. Such a process, which requires the finest of apples, leads to a cider that tastes more balanced and authentic.

“For our unpasteurized cider, we have to use apples that qualify as U.S. Fancy,” explained Mack. “We have to meet certain government regulations to make sure our apples our properly colored with no bruises. It’s not easy.”

The unpasteurized cider seems to be quite popular with people in the area, as Mack's Apples continues to receive a following of people to buy their product. “It's not easy to find unpasteurized cider...the people who buy our cider understand that they're getting a natural product,” said Mack. “That's the 'old-school' taste. It's fresh.”

Along with the delicious cider come many other delicacies from Mack's. Even though it is April there are still countless types of apples available for purchase in their Farm Market, which also contains some nice gifts that can only be found in New Hampshire such as New Hampshire-produced maple syrup.  The farm stand is open from June through April every year.

Surrounded by beautiful orchards and selling only the best and most natural treats, Mack's Apples is a wonderful place to stop if you're looking for a fun, unique, and delicious experience. Come on by and get a true taste of New Hampshire!

Directions to Mack's Apples in Londonderry, N.H., can be found on its website:

Londonderry Hometown Online News provides information of the community and the local region:

Robbie Feinberg is a senior at Londonderry High School and plans on attending journalism college in the fall.


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