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New England residents, you now have a chance to tell our readership why you think your community is the best place to live.

Send us your feedback on why you think your town is the best place to live and we'll consider it for publication in a positive, upbeat forum, soon to be posted. Your feedback can consist of a few sentences to several hundred words. It could be about your neighborhood, the people and businesses that make you want to stay, scenery, community pride and services, etc. It's up to you, just write how you feel!

As a response to the most recent book "The Absolutely Worst Places to Live in America," by Dave Gilmartin, we want to give all people a chance to talk about the virtues of where they live. We believe Gilmartin's approach was wrong, as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We know, for example, that while cities like Fitchburg, Mass., and Allston, Mass., were rated amongst the worst cities in Gilmartin's book, there are people we know that wouldn't move from those communities, given the friendships made, the feeling of community pride, and services offered. Yes, there are significant problems in those communities (there are issues in every community), but there are people who could move from Fall River and Allston, and choose not to. They simply love where they live. That ultimately says a lot about those places, so viciously and unfairly attacked in Gilmartin's book.

There's no reason to make people feel bad about where they live; the author seems to be fueled by wanting to get attention, getting sales and writing with a "shock value" angle, in this writer's opinion. We will have none of that at We are here to make you feel good about New England.

We indeed like to keep things positive at, and are always interested in what you consider the best of New England. In this case, we look forward to hearing about your great town or city.

Best of all, there's no book to buy and it's all information that will make you feel good about New England!

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