New England dining >>> Colonial Inn, Concord, Mass.

Splendid history and dining at Concord's Colonial Inn

by Eric H.

It was an impossibly sunny July day under the historical Concord skies when we had met each other's destiny. Joan and I first set eyes on each other at a bench in front of the charming Colonial Inn. We then took a stroll to nearby Old North Bridge, held hands, and never let go. Today, we are married and consider every day like that first date. We will never forget the Colonial Inn as the place where we met.

The Colonial Inn is indeed a special place, filled with history--this was Henry David Thoreau's house before he became an earlier day Gilligan and lived isolated at Walden Pond (perhaps the first time in history a Thoreau-Gilligan analogy has been mentioned. Gilligan, however, was less misanthropic). Antiques, period furniture, beamed ceilings, outdoor dining opportunities on a truly relaxing front porch and great wood work mark the feeling of another generation.

Yes, the Colonial Inn could get by on its looks alone, but the food lives up to the billing. The pork tenderloin is not to be missed, as well as the sea bass. Salads are well beyond boring iceberg, and the deserts are truly wonderful, especially the cheesecake and chocolate cakes.

The Colonial Inn has a Sunday brunch, which is truly inspiring with quantity to match innovative quality dishes. Try it, especially during Autumn as a precursor to a Sunday foliage drive.

One strong suit about the Colonial Inn is the service. While the food is certainly fresh, the wait staff isn't. Politeness, attentiveness and professionalism come to mind when thinking of this competent crew.

Finish the day strolling through the colorful and historic Concord streets, or perhaps walk a few miles to Walden Pond and you've had a perfect day. Take it from us, for we will always remember the Colonial Inn. Perhaps you will, too, with a wondrous story of your own.


The Colonial Inn

48 Monument Square, Concord, Mass. (978)369-2373



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