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The Wicked Good, Wicked Bad New England Dining Experiences section of is a restaurant forum where you can share your favorite and least favorite New England restaurant experiences. Feel free to contribute to this dining forum by sending us your review. Don't forget to include your name (or initials) and the community in which you live. We look forward to your unbiased opinons!


Wicked good dining experience

204 Washington Street, Walpole, Mass

204 Washington St., East Walpole, Mass. Tel. (508) 660-1400

Excellent service, great portions and an authentic neighborhood feel keep us coming back to 204 Washington Street. Try the roast turkey Sunday special, steak tips and Scallops Nantucket. They are all delicious and come with a good salad that is more than iceberg. The berry cobbler is a great choice for dessert. 204 also has a comfy bar for those who like that scene and a television to watch news, sports or weather.

Tony, of Walpole, Mass.


Wicked good dining experience

Medway Restaurant, Medway, Mass.

102 Main St., Medway, Mass. Tel. (508) 533-7466

Master chef Lula goes the extra mile to mae you feel at home and serve delicious homemade soups and main entrees (they also have breakfast and lunch items). In particular, the baked lamb special has a delicious tomato sauce and not an ounce of fat. The lunch counter and booths lend a familiar feel, but the food goes well beyond the plain atmosphere.

Tony, of Walpole, Mass.


Wicked good dining experience

Newcomb Farms Family Restaurant, Milton, Mass.

1139 Randolph Ave.(Route 28), Milton, Mass. Tel. (617) 698-9547

We took my 95 year old mother to Newcomb Farm Restaurant in Milton Mass., today and it was such a great place. The owner was more than helpful. Despite the fact that the restaurant was busy she was willing to stop by and chat with my mom to make her feel special.!!! The food and service were excellent and it was such a pleasant country style dining room. There were all ages eating there and the atmosphere was what you would look for whether visiting New England or going out for a special breakfast or lunch.

M.M., of Wakefield, Mass.


Wicked good dining experience

Vinny's Superette, Somerville, Mass.

76 Broadway, Somerville, Mass. Tel. (617) 628-1921

Best Italian Subs by far Vinny's in Somerville!!!  Never had better!!

Carolyn, no town submitted


Wicked good dining experience

Sweet Tomatoes, Newton, Falmouth, Mass.

47 Langley Rd, Newton Center, Mass. Tel. (617) 558-0222

1279 Washington St, West Newton,Mass. Tel. (617) 630-8666

439 E Falmouth Hwy, East Falmouth, Mass., Tel. (508) 540-7056

I don't know how you could have missed Sweet Tomatoes in Newton (2 locations) and Falmouth.  Fabulous, Neapolitan style pizza!!!!!  You must try them out for future updates.

Kim T.


Wicked good dining experience

Sicilia's, Providence, R.I.

181 Atwells Ave., Providence, R.I. Tel. (401) 273-9222

Sicilia's in Providence, RI, may may just be my
favorite restaurant in New England. They have
three types of pizza there: Thin crust, regular
crust, and Chicago style. All of them are
incredible, though I prefer the regular crust
over the others.

The atmosphere is classic old-school. This is the
type of place that was probably very common back
about 50 years ago when families went out to eat
every Sunday afternoon. It is one of many great
places in the Federal Hill section of Providence,
which gives the North End of Boston a run for its

Marc H.,



Wicked bad dining experience

Dolphin Seafood, Natick, Mass.

12 Washington St., Natick, Mass. Tel. (508) 655-0669

How a restaurant turning out some of the best seafood in New England can forget about the quality of their service is unforgivable. Our waitress took 15 minutes to take our drink order and more than 45 minutes to serve our food. She did not come by to ask how our meal was and was generally inconvenienced by our presence as customers. My taste buds want to come back for the delicious bluefish with mustard sauce, but my brain says no to the service that took longer than reading a Tolstoy novel.

Tony, of Walpole, Mass.


Wicked bad dining experience

Mt. Vernon Restaurant, Somerville, Mass.

14 Broadway, Somerville, Mass.,Tel. (617) 666-3830

The kids' chicken fingers come out raw. When sent back, we eventually saw an improvement -- only half the chicken fingers were raw. The excuse was they came in frozen and didn't cook enough. That's an excuse enough to never return here again.

Tony, of Walpole, Mass.


Wicked bad dining experience

Perk's, Norwood, Mass.

685 Washington St., Norwood, Mass. Tel. (781) 762-5565

The waitress might have been off duty, but there's no reason to drop the "F" word while conversing with her vacuous, monosyllabic friends. Many young kids were there with parents; this vile language is not the type of thing we want to hear, no matter how good the baked goods, paninis and coffees are at this popular Norwood center eatery.

Tony, of Walpole


Wicked bad dining experience

Finnegan's Wake, Walpole, Mass.

1034 East St., Walpole, Mass. Tel. (508)668-1189

A group of us went to this Irish-American restaurant and had some very good food -- fresh salads, excellent clam chowder, tender baked scrod and a terrific tuna melt. The problem was our waitress who didn't have much going on upstairs at this downstairs basement location in downtown Walpole. She didn't get the orders right and, after a very long wait (there was only one other party in the dining room when we arrived), brought out the salads and soups with the meal. Another waitress asked if we wanted her to take back the salads and soups because of the long delay. Additionally, the tuna melt had a tomato, which I had asked to leave off (this is the second time that has happened). The immature waitress did not seem to register any of this, and seemed to not really care. Finnegan's Wake has a nice, cozy atmosphere and the food is well above average, but as long as the wait staff continues to mess up, act unprofessional, and make us wait, we just won't go back. They should have, at least, taken some money off the bill, as a sign of goodwill and apology. It's almost like the dining area is an afterthought to the busy bar scene.

Tony, of Walpole, Mass.


Wicked bad dining experience

Tilt'n Diner, Tilton, N.H.

Exit 20 off Route 93, Tilton, N.H., Tel. (603) 286-2204

Whoever thinks that the Tilton Diner is a great place to eat needs to have their taste buds examined.  I have never experienced such awful tasting food in my life.  I had a BLT which was not cook to my specification.  I simple asked the waitress to have the chef not overcook the bacon but it came burnt.  My husband ordered a corned beef sandwich in which the corned beef was not real but some other processed meat.  The fries were overcooked.  I found the diner a conglomeration of junk in the fifties as well as dirty.    It is no more than a tourist trap.  Needless to say I will never step into this diner again.  Folks if you have any brains at all do not stop at the Tilton Diner.

Phyllis H., no town submitted


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