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Sundaes At The Beach in Wells, Maine, Brings Sundae Buffet Bar Bliss To Southern Coastal Maine

Sundaes on the Beach, Wells, Maine, photo

Article and photo by Eric H.

Sundaes At The Beach uses clever wordplay in its name to describe its ice cream sundae buffet and location near the ocean beaches in the Moody section of Wells, Maine. Moody, by the way, refers to a Wells neighborhood, and not the attitude of the residents.

This orange-colored Route 1 North roadside ice cream shop,

goes far beyond just a creative name, however, and just might be the ice cream place of choice in an area heavily populated with high quality ice cream stands and shops. Sundaes At The Beach might just also be the most fun and welcoming Wells area ice cream destination with a multi-colored interior layout design, super-friendly staff, and the nice touch of naming flavors after Maine towns, cities, regions and neighborhoods -- Caribou chocolate, Perkins Cove Pineapple, Heath Bar Harbor and Kennebunk Kookie Dough (amazing, full-bodied taste!), to name a few. It's also spotlessly clean from the dining area to kitchen and restrooms. A few ice cream flavors have no Maine monikers, but really don't need "Pine Tree State" names to impress -- the dense, intense double dark chocolate is a prime example of this (unless there is, indeed, a town in Maine called Double Dark Chocolate, but it's not on the map).

The delicious ice cream is homemade in its highest butterfat form -- this means the flavors burst out without a hint of market-brand blandness.  The ice cream takes on new heights, however, with the amazing "Make Your Own Sundae Bar." You'll find homemade whip cream and hot fudge, and an impressive offering of mix-ins that allows you to really pile on your favorites. The chance for frozen caloric bliss is fully optimized here.

Sundaes At The Beach might not have the classic rural ice cream stand look of our favorite summer places, but that soon takes a backseat to the reality that it's hard to "top" an ice cream shop that allows customers to be the boss of their own ice cream sundae creations. What could be a better fate when it comes to ice cream sundaes?

Sundaes At The Beach, 23 Post Rd., Route 1, Wells, Maine. Tel. (207) 646-LICK

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