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Homemade fresh, natural New England-made --VITAMINS??

How one busy travel pubisher incorporates whole food supplements from Megafood, of Derry, N.H., into his diet for better health

by Eric H.

I never had much luck with vitamins, as they didn't create energy, usually came up on me, and didn't prevent me from catching four or five colds a year. Its failure to deliver made sense from a certain perspective: Where, in nature, do isolated vitamins and minerals exist? How could one expect benefits from a supplement that doesn't contain all the hundreds or thousands of food co-factors that Mother Nature brilliantly worked into our healthiest foods.

Many vitamins are derived from petroleum and minerals from crushed rock. It's a peculiar way, in this writer's opinion, to enhance one's own health. Calcium carbonate is really the chemical equivalent of chalk. Does that really sound like a good way to be healthier?

Back in 1994, I decided to seek a naturopathic physician to help me with allergies and acne. He suggested some herbs which worked beautifully, but also spoke highly of the One Daily Without Iron whole food supplement by Megafood, of Derry, N.H., as a foundation for covering all the vitamin and mineral bases. Upon taking this supplement, I felt more energy and was sick far less often. It also felt good to support local business, especially one like the New Hampshire-based Megafood which is not only a geographical neighbor, but a friendly one that has employees happy to answer technical questions and seems to really be dedicated to the science of food. They also assay their supplements for "food integrity" so you're getting exactly what they advertise.

Occasionally, I switched back to an isolate-type vitamin and immediately noticed less energy and eventually more colds. Eventually, I stopped taking these type of supplements. Although more expensive, I found Megafood to deliver results from more energy and better skin to less allergies, and of course, less overall illness. That is priceless. For the cost of a daily cup or two of coffee, Megafood supplements have been a great addition to my health regiment. As a publisher, I need every edge I can get, and this is one of the only supplements lines where I have felt the difference. Meeting self-imposed deadlines, being on the road, working at 4:30 in the morning and 11:30 at night -- doing whatever it takes to grow the business -- requires extra health care. I believe Megafood is a vital part of being healthy.

Megafood incorporates vitamins and minerals into a base of nutrient dense nutritional yeast. Those vitamins and minerals become part of the yeast, thus creating a whole food. It's kind of like soil feeding nutrients into a fruit or vegetable. They pack healthy foods into their formulas to attain the desired amount of nutrient (for example, 1000 Mgs. of pure citrus extract is added to the Men Over 40 formula, which results in 250 mgs. of vitamin C).

Megafood makes specialty multis for men and women, as well as individual vitamins and minerals, specialty formulas (stress, prenatal, prostate, heart, etc.) for added benefit. They even have a wild blueberry supplement -- that form of blueberry has the highest antioxidant profile of any fruit or vegetable, measured by Tufts University-pioneered Oxygen Radical Capacity (ORAC). The yeast contains health-enhancing naturally occurring food constituents like chlorophyll, glutathione, beta glucans (excellent for the immune system), essential trace minerals and so much more. Like any "real food," the supplements contain protein, fiber and carbohydrates.

I currently take the Megafood Men Over 40 multi, and it makes a huge difference. I believe it gives me a few extra hours of productivity each day. The formula contains whole food vitamins and minerals, fruit and vegetable extracts (including tomato extract yielding approximately 3.5 mcg. of lycopene), and well-studied herbs like saw palmetto, hawthorne, ginger, turmeric and rosemary. There isn't a wasted ingredient here; everything included has validated scientific or traditional use benefits. In addition to the Men Over 40, I include Megafood's Nutritional Therapeutix' Cardio Response, and Calcium, Potassium and Magnesium. It makes a huge difference. I can't say that it has been the main reason I rarely get sick now, but as long as I'm on this program (along with fish oil and a great prostate formula by New Chapter, of Brattleboro, Vt.), I don't get the nagging illnesses I used to so frequently.

Of course, there is nothing more important than eating a good diet and exercise when it comes to health, so we need to keep in perspective that the word "supplement" means to add to something you're already doing. Don't expect results from Megafood if you subsist on Ding Dongs, Twinkies and hydrogenated foods. But if you make a diligent effort to be healthy, I strongly recommend adding Megafood to your regime. I know it has made a big difference for me.

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