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Red Cherry Cafe - VisitingNewEngland small business partnership

16 Reasons to Love Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Massachusetts

Article and photos, unless otherwise noted, by Eric Hurwitz. Article created on 9/8/2018.

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Greek orange zest cake from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.
Orange zest cake from Red Cherry Cafe.  Photo source: Red Cherry Cafe Facebook page.

Red Cherry Cafe debuted on the south of Boston dining out scene in June 2018 with an ambitious vision unlike any other local cafe.

Bridging the gap between chain and traditional locally-owned cafes, coffeehouses, bakeries and family restaurants, Red Cherry Cafe immediately catches the eye upon entering this downtown Walpole eatery. With its clean, bright colorful and cozy interior -- as opposed to an edgy, trendy cafe coffeehouse or cafe -- this is a dining destination for all ages.

Red Cherry Cafe dining room, Walpole, Mass.
Dining room at Red Cherry Cafe.

Evelynn Sidiropoulos -- not too far removed from being a Bentley University college grad -- clearly possesses a vision, a passion for the business, and the backing of a loving, hard-working, close-knit family. With mom Donna, dad Bill, brother Kosta and several relatives helping, Red Cherry Cafe is truly a family venture open daily from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Red Cherry Cafe owner Evelynn Sidoropoulis meets with customers
Red Cherry Cafe owner Evelynn Sidiropoulos meets with customers.

The usual cafe offerings are often taken to the next level: homemade soups, salads with fresh greens, breakfast and lunch sandwiches, paninis, wraps, mac and cheese, organic coffee and espresso, loose-leaf teas, smoothies, and baked goods (including excellent muffins). The Sidiropoulos' Greek roots also help create authentic regional culinary gems rarely found in American cafes and coffeehouses. A work in progress in the best sense, Red Cherry Cafe keeps evolving as a one-of-a-kind cafe that I suspect will soon become a go-to destination in Walpole and vicinity.

Not too long ago, Red Cherry served strictly as a frozen yogurt shop -- and a good one at that. The frozen yogurt craze waned, however, with many shops nationwide going out of business. Evelynn and family sensed the downward trend and wisely closed the storefront for a while to reinvent itself.

The change has been welcomed with open arms from the Walpole community, collectively knowing that the new Red Cherry Cafe fulfills many restaurant needs in the downtown district.

"Things are coming along very well," said Evelynn. "We make our food fresh here and have organic coffee and much more. We will be featuring more new items in the near future, too. We are looking to make homemade pies soon as an example."

Suggested food, drink and dessert from Red Cherry Cafe

Mediterranean Salad
Colorful, fresh salad from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.

Because of their Greek heritage, the Sidiropoulos family knows how to make a fabulous salad straight from the heart. This isn't your basic chain restaurant version of a regional dish. The combination of romaine, chicken, tabbouleh, feta, olives, roasted red peppers and red wine vinaigrette would certainly make one from the Mediterranean proud.

Broccoli and Cheddar Soup

Homemade broccoli cheddar soup from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.

Sometimes, one has to wonder if the phrase "homemade soup" is just a marketing phrase given that so many restaurants barely go beyond the market brands. The rotating offerings at Red Cherry Cafe taste like something out of grandmother's kitchen -- hearty, flavorful and substantial.

My favorite: the broccoli and cheddar. With a wonderful stock base, a full-bodied cheddar taste and spoon-sized bites of broccoli, I could eat this every day.


Homemade cannolis from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.
Photo source: Red Cherry Facebook page.

Surprise! Instead of just going the typical baked good route of many cafes, Red Cherry serves homemade cannolis that approach the taste of what you would find in the North End of Boston. Walpole might not be exactly the epicenter of Italian baked goods, but that's the point -- Red Cherry has brought a beloved dessert to a townsfolk who had to travel elsewhere for this delicious treat. The cannolis seem to be a big hit at Red Cherry.

Spanakopita (spinach and feta in a baked phyllo dough) from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.
Photo source: Red Cherry Facebook page.

Once again, the Sidiropoulos family's Greek background shines through with this mouthwatering Greek pie filled with a blend of spinach and feta cheese in a baked phyllo dough. Growing up in a town populated with Greeks and having been to pretty much every noteworthy Greek restaurant in the Boston area, I can honestly say that this is one of the best Spanakopitas I have ever tasted. The blending of ingredients in correct proportions to an exact baking time make for something truly special.

The Coffee

Locally roasted organic coffee from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.
Photo source: Red Cherry Facebook page.

There's nothing like sourcing locally. Red Cherry Cafe's coffee and espresso is certified organic and roasted locally in Massachusetts. No jazzed-up, chain coffee with unknown origins here!

Caprese Panini

Caprese panini from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.
Photo source: Red Cherry Facebook page.

Let's face it, paninis trending. Most paninis, however, underwhelm with skimpy portions and the very strong chance of being over or undercooked. Many people feel they are better off making their own paninis at home, or just going with a traditional sandwich. Red Cherry Cafe takes no shortcuts in making its own paninis with a perfectly formed, pressed ciabatta roll with plenty of meat and veggies on the inside. The Caprese and Turkey Paninis especially exhibit the art and science of proper making of this form of sandwich. All I can say is "Yum!"

Orange Zest Cake

Greek orange zest cake from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.
Photo source: Red Cherry Facebook page.

This traditional Greek cake is soaked in syrup and topped with orange slices. Made on the premises with lots of love, the Orange Zest Cake will have you saying to a friend, "Orange you glad you tried this?" Sorry for the bad joke. The cake simply has a wonderful taste begging repeat orders.

Bacon and Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Egg, bacon and Gouda cheese breakfast sandwich on a Ciabatta from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.

What a tremendous idea using Gouda cheese in a breakfast sandwich. It's a great melting cheese with a hearty, unique taste. Combined with egg and bacon on Ciabatta, this amply served sandwich puts to shame the kinds you would find at the fast food and even many of the higher end chain establishments. "I had a bacon, egg and Gouda sandwich and a large iced cold brew. Delicious!!" said Ed Jackowski, owner of the School of Rock in Norwood, Mass.

Banana Bread

Homemade banana bread from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.
Photo source: Red Cherry Facebook page.

It's hard to screw up banana bread, but Red Cherry seems to bring it to the next level. Yes, most banana breads taste just fine -- even many of the supermarket made brands. But what if you want a version that matches the unforgettable kind made at home by a skilled family member? Red Cherry achieves that, and without overcharging like the "gourmet" places do.

Waffle A La Mode

Waffle a la mode with espresso from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Massachusetts
Photo source: Red Cherry Facebook page.

Finding a way to include dessert in your breakfast is always a special occasional treat. Red Cherry's Waffle A La Mode features a delicious homemade waffle toasted and whipped with ice cream and chocolate sauce. Whipped cream is optional but highly recommended. Pairs well with an Espresso!

Richardson's Ice Cream

Richardson's Ice Cream at Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.
Photo source: Red Cherry Facebook page.

Following up on the Waffle A La Mode, it's great to know that Red Cherry Cafe uses Richardson's Ice Cream. Based in Middleton, Mass., this legendary ice cream stand serves some of the best ice cream in all of New England. The Sidiropoulos family realized this when wisely searching for an ice cream to replace its frozen yogurt selections. Red Cherry offers several different flavors, but vanilla is my personal favorite. Made with vanilla bean extract imported from Madagascar, the Richardson's brand transcends the cliche, "As plain as vanilla."

Modern Pastry Cakes and Pies

Modern Pastry cakes and pies are featured at Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.
Photo source: Red Cherry Facebook page.

Many who have been to the North End of Boston regard Modern Pastry as having the best cakes and pies in that fabled Italian neighborhood. Red Cherry had a brilliant idea to bring these famed baked goods to Walpole. It hasn't fully caught on yet, but should as people who visit the North End make Modern Pastry a primary destination to sample the legendary baked desserts. Maybe just looking at the cakes and pies is enough for some, but eating them should definitely take priority. As far as I know, Red Cherry stands as the only food destination south of Boston to feature Modern Pastry sweets. Lucky for Walpole!

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate chip cookies from Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.

Who doesn't love chocolate chip cookies? Red Cherry started off with just OK versions and then really stepped it up with the current kind. Absolutely phenomenal -- chock full of chips and served in a big portion!

Espresso Freddo

Espresso Fredo, a Greek favorite, is featured at Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.

Photo source: Red Cherry Facebook page.

A Greek favorite, this chilled, sweetened espresso served in a tall glass with ice is a frozen treat with a uniquely strong taste.

Red Cherry Cafe isn't just about the food

In addition to the food, drink and desserts, here are a few additional elements that make Red Cherry Cafe so special...

Cozy Living Room Area

Living room dining area at Red Cherry Cafe in Walpole, Mass.

Many families get together with fellow neighbors here to enjoy some food, drink and dessert. It's an ideal spot for neighbors to connect, converse and feel at home.

Outdoor Dining Patio

Outdoor patio area at Red Cherry Cafe in downtown Walpole, Mass.

Directly located across from the beautiful Walpole Town Common, the outdoor patio area is especially nice at twilight when the beauty of a small New England town looks its best.

Downtown Walpole, Massachusetts

Evelynn keeps experimenting with different styles of food and drink, but also keeps an impressive foundation of menu favorites. Her wilingness to take chances makes Red Cherry a local cafe, however, illustrates her constant quest to please the public. At the end of the day, isn't that how a restaurant should operate?

"We are off to a good start, but there's much more to do," said Evelynn. "It is exciting to think about the possibilities."

Red Cherry Cafe is located at 1049 Main St., Walpole MA. Tel. 508- 921-3196.  Web site: http://www.redcherrycafe. Facebook fan page:

Red Cherry Cafe,  downtown Walpole, Massachusetts

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