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New England dining >>> Wright's Farm, Nasonville, R.I.

Wright's Farm won't leave you in a "fowl" mood
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Specializing in chicken, this very large Harrisville, RI, restaurant is a local landmark

Wright's Farm photo, Nasonville, RI

By Eric H.

One day we decided to take a ride to Wright's Farm Restaurant in Harrisville, RI. So did 1,000 other people.

Looking like one of those Keystone Cops movies with a cast of thousands, we stood frozen in this chicken farm version of Grand Central Station. It was apparent everyone wanted a taste of that incomparable chicken dinner, given the two-hour wait.

We left this busy dining location, vowing to return someday. There was just no way we could wait an hour. It was 7 p.m., our daughter's bedtime, and an hour past ours.

Two weeks later, we decided to return to Wright's. By leaving in the early afternoon, we figured there would be no problem getting a seat. After all, the place seats well over 1,000 people in several dining rooms.

Fortunately, there was room to breathe and very little wait this time around. What a great idea returning to Wright's! The homestyle, flavorful chicken, tasty pasta with homemade sauce, the salad with "just right" Italian dressing (available at most markets), good rolls and unparalleled french fries (from fresh, not frozen potatoes), made for the best family style dinner, this side of Amish country. All this for an incredibly low price-- plus very friendly service, and a wonderful toy and gift shop-- resulted in one of the great informal dining experiences we've sampled in New England.

There's also a great gift shop on the premises featuring fudge, toys, books, candles, specialty foods and jewelry. If there's a long wait for a table, the gift shop can be a savior.

It's no wonder Wright's has been in business for more than 30 years -- people love a good value, great food and to be treated well. And... good things do come to those who wait!

Wright's Farm Restaurant,

84 Inman Road, Harrisville, R.I. , Tel. (401) 769-2856

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