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Benevento's in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts: Now That's a Real Italian Restaurant!

Benevento's in the orth End of Boston, Massachusetts

Article and photos by Eric Hurwitz. Article updated on 11/2/2017

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Traveling through a wall of city traffic just to find out there was a long wait at the legendary Al Dente in Boston's North End resulted in disappointment, and its restaurant greeter could sense it.

Without hesitation, the Al Dente host told us to go next door to Benevento's where seating and a great meal could be had. Intimating to keep it a secret, he advised, "Just tell them that you are my cousins."

We communicated what the Al Dente greeter said, and the Benevento's host replied with jaded humor, "I have more cousins that I had ever realized."

Busy, bustling and with a few tables left, we sat down to what would be incredibly satisfying Italian meals, especially the eggplant lasagna -- no surprise, given that Al Dente and Benevento's are under the same ownership. Now, I am not going to get into one of those pretentious reviews where I describe every detail of the dining experience -- you know, like the wall art that reminds the nerdy, self bloviating writer of some obscure beatnik coffee shop in Amsterdam -- so I'll just give you the straight and narrow.

If you want a North End restaurant that serves ample portions of authentic Italian food with freshly made pasta, hand-tossed brick oven pizza loaded with toppings, and offers a classic, casual North End Italian atmosphere with professional service, then Benevento's is for you. Sure, many North End restaurants meet that criteria, but, somehow, Benevento's feels just right. Maybe it's the variety on the menu, the fair prices, the cozy ambiance with wood paneling, a marble bar, tin ceiling and handsome bar, or that we were treated like family -- you know, as cousins -- but Benevento's comes through on every level.

Lobster Ravioli from Benevento's in the North End of Boston, Mass.
Lobster ravioli from Benevento's. Photo source: Benevento's web site.

Simply put, Benevento's looks like an authentic Italian restaurant, acts like an authentic Italian restaurant, and creates meals that taste like authentic Italian food. What more could one want when seeking a hearty Italian meal in the North End of Boston? Dining there is, well, just like cousins bonding over a great meal!

Benevento's is located at 11 Salem St., Boston MA. Tel. (617) 523-4111 

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