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Exploring New England - Historic Boston Landmark Photography
at Twilight

Faneuil Hall (Quincy Market) skyline at night in Boston MAFaneuil Hall (Quincy Market) at twilight.

by Eric J. Hurwitz. Article updated on Dec. 31, 2016.

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Article and photos by Juergen Roth,
Boston, Mass., with its scenic skyline and many historic landmarks provides a large array of interesting photography subjects.

The familiar sights of Boston are a true inspiration and visiting the city is a worthwhile adventure throughout the year. Early and late day light brings out the entire texture and warm colors of a landmark while twilight adds drama and magic to a picture. The landmarks at twilight, lit up against a beautiful turquoise sky, make for intriguing city photo subjects that I envy the most. The combination transforms an often simple and familiar city attraction into a work of art. No wonder, the amazing twilight colors in combination with the Boston landmarks, like the Prudential Center, Trinity Church, Quincy Market or Faneuil Hall are favorite photography hot spots for the local and traveling photographers.

Trinity Church of Boton MA
Above: Trinity Church of Boston Two photos below: Zakim Bridge with Boston Custom House; and Acorn St.

Every day and night many photographers are streaming into the streets and neighborhoods of Boston in search of the once in a lifetime
Zakim Bridge, Boston Custom House at twilight, Boston MA shot or to frame their memories of that day in a beautiful photograph. Late evening is when you find me, often exploring and photographing the Boston cityscape. Keep an eye on the weather to not miss out on clear skies, amazing and unusual phenomena like a full moon or a super moon. In addition, landmarks are often illuminated in special colors to honor a day or event. For example the Prudential Center glows in different colors; red and blue on Memorial Day, Go Sox in October or green on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Twilight is my favorite time, occurring 20 to 40 minutes after sunset. The best light does not last very long. The magic of twilight is often
hard to predict which is why setting up early at that memorable location is key. Once set up with tripod and camera, you can start photographing a landmark while closing in on the best light. This approach requires a set of fully charged spare battery power and lots of memory cards. Incorporate an interesting foreground feature into the photo composition to lead the viewer into or through the picture; street lanterns or lights may be used to light up these foreground objects while the magical cityscape is still beautifully exposed in the background. A flashlight might be appropriate to use and provides a similar result. During a long exposure, car head and rear lights turn into beautiful colored streaks of red and white adding great appeal to a photo and are a powerful tool that makes for a strong composition. Effectively used those colored lines lead the viewer towards the main subject. 

Boston prime photo locations for landmarks are the Public Garden with many sights in close proximity, the Christian Science Plaza in Back Bay with its reflective pool, Atlantic Avenue in downtown Boston provides access to Quincy Market with Faneuil Hall, the legendary Custom House of Boston and the old State House among many other local attractions.

Acorn Street, Beacon Hill, Boston MANext time you are out and about photographing Boston at these prime times of the day make sure to bring your tripod, a good dose of patience and soak in the beauty of Boston because it’s not always about photography, it’s also the experience of exploring a historic city that makes it unforgettable.

About the photographer and author
Juergen Roth was born and raised near Cologne, Germany. In 1988, he moved to Berlin
Juegren Roth, Photographer West and following the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 he enjoyed exploring the reunited city and the lost natural environment surrounding it. Some of his Berlin photographs were shown with other photographers' work in a local show. After a number of visits to New York City, Juergen had his own exhibition of New York photographs in Berlin.

Since 2001 he has been living in Brookline, Massachusetts with his wife Helen and daughter Nina. Juergen has been participated in many local events and shows. His work has been published in books, calendars and magazines. Juergen finds inspiration at the nearby Wildlife Sanctuaries, as well as, in the beautiful landscapes of New Englands' National and State Parks/Forests. Juergen has always regarded nature as the ultimate inspiration. 

You can view Juergen's extraordinary photography at

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