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Dining Out New England >>> Brothers Deli and Restaurant, Wakefield MA

Brothers Deli and Restaurant in Wakefield MA Thrives with Cafeteria Format, Amazing Food
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Brothers Deli and Restaurant, Wakefield MA

Article and photos by Eric H.

Brothers Deli and Restaurant in Wakefield, Mass., is a model of consistency and one of the last great cafeteria-style family restaurants in the Boston area.

The downtown Wakefield restaurant has been in business around 25 years, and if you dine there today, it will seem like the same experience when the restaurant first started out. The ageless order taker with the exceptional memory could probably take 2,000 orders at once without writing anything down, and get it all right.  The staff he communicates to never seems to get it wrong, either. The cooking surface area is huge, and the final products get done in a hurry without compromising any quality. There's always a nice lady at the cashier's area. Oh, and the food -- well, the portions are falling-off-the-plate huge, the quality almost always spot on and the prices always budget-friendly.

With a predominantly Greek staff, you'll find some Greek favorites (some daily specials) like souvlaki, gyros, baked lamb, moussaka, spinach pie, stuffed grape leaves, and lemon chicken soup but the real story of Brothers is its gigantic breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. It's like they created an encycolopedia of great Greek-American dishes and diner food, and put it all into one restaurant. That means everything from French toast , eggs and pancakes to club sandwiches, salads and soups, burgers, roast turkey dinners, mac and cheese, baked haddock, Yankee Pot Roast, roast half chicken and meatloaf -- and everything in between. Even the dessert selection is extensive, including cakes, pies, puddings, ice cream, and, of course, baklava.

Just looking at the menu makes one wonder even more how the guy with the incredible recollection and his staff perform at virtually 100 percent efficiency by strictly relying on memory to service the sometimes lines-out-the-doors crowd. You get the feeling this could be a Food Network series reality show, if ever discovered by that entertainment medium.

Brothers Deli and Restaurant gets, from us, five stars out of a possible five for sticking to what they do best, and delivering on almost every meal (although I would not prioritize some of the Italian dishes). Let's add one more star, however, for being perhaps the only Greek-style cafeteria in Massachusetts that also features a stone fireplace and waterfall in its large, comfortable dining room!

All in all, Brothers Deli and Restaurant stays away from being trendy and pretentious, thus paving the way for legions of people that love large portions of excellent food to enjoy this old school cafeteria that you just can't find all that much anymore. Thank goodness, in this case, for the lack of change!

Souvlaki, Brothers Deli and Restaurant, Wakefield MA
Oversized souvlaki on pita!

Brothers Deli and Restaurant is located at
404 Main St., Wakefield MA. Tel. (781) 245-5511. Call for hours.
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