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Country Kitchen Donuts Millis/VisitingNewEngland small business partnership - Local Small Business Stories

Country Kitchen Donuts, Millis, Mass: For Love of Doughnuts, Muffins, Breakfast Sandwiches, Coffee, Community

A landmark small business in Walpole, Mass., Country Kitchen Donuts opens a second location in a most welcoming town

Trevor delivers doughnuts fresh from the kitchen to the counter.
Trevor Stevens, who manages Country Kitchen in Millis, showcases some delicious homemade doughnuts.

Article and photos, unless otherwise noted, by Eric Hurwitz. Article created on 9/13/2019.

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For Country Kitchen Donuts and Millis, Mass., it was a match meant to be.

A few years ago, John Stevens, owner of Country Kitchen Donuts in Walpole, Mass. (dating back to 1969), was looking for a second location to expand upon the locally beloved flagship business. John didn't have to travel too far to open the second doughnut shop, just eight miles down the road in Millis.

His son, Trevor Stevens, who oversees the Millis Country Kitchen, said a strong sense of community became a major factor in choosing to do business in this town of around 8,000 residents about 30 miles southwest of Boston.

"Being a service industry, you want to feel welcome," said Trevor, 30. "Once we saw what Millis was all about, it was an easy choice. The town has that small town family feel."

Make that a small town with a growing economic development plan and plenty of local interest in small businesses on a busy but classic small-town Americana road, Route 109. That's where the Stevens family decided to launch Country Kitchen Donuts -- on the outskirts of the central district in Millis.

"We liked the feel of the town but my dad wanted to make sure we would be in a place with enough people," said Trevor. "He sat outside to look at the traffic and decided this was the place."

Aerial photo of Country Kitchen Donuts, Millis, MA
Aerial photo of Country Kitchen (right side of building). Photo credit: Country Kitchen Donuts Millis Facebook fan page.

"While we were building, people were peeking in and asking when we were going to open," said Trevor.  "There was a lot of anticipation."

The birth of an instantly lovable place

Inviting dining space at Country Kitchen Donuts, Millis, Massachusetts.Inviting dining space at Country Kitchen Donuts Millis.

John, Trevor and Walpole friend/construction specialist Steve Leger took about five months to create the space. Having opened in April 2019, Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis is a bit of a departure from the look of the Walpole location.

"Walpole is a little more old school as here (in Millis) we have more of an updated look although we are not at the point where we have robots cleaning up," said Trevor with a laugh.

The off-white and red brick walls, fireplace with a sitting area and television, counter facing the windows bringing in nice sunlight and country accessories reflect the small towns ways of Millis. John's wife, Tove, contributed mightily, also, crafting chairs with a cow design.

Chairs with cow design at Country Kitchen Donuts, Millis, MA.
Chairs with cow design created by Tove Stevens, wife of Country Kitchen Donuts owner John Stevens.

Behind the ordering counter and the display case below showcases all those delicious handmade, fresh doughnuts. as well as bagels and other baked goods that rank among the best in the Boston suburbs...

Doughnuts at Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis,Mass.
Doughnuts and bagels. Photo credit: Country Kitchen Donuts Millis Facebook fan page.

Muffins made fresh daily are another Country Kitchen highlight...

Homemade muffins from Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, MA.
Delicious homemade muffins.

And New England Coffee, a local favorite, is always brewing and fully complementing the baked goods and breakfast sandwiches (more on the latter shortly)...

Freshly brewed New England Coffee at Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, Mass.
Hot coffee ready to be served.

Small-town conversations are constantly going on about school, church, town government, and weekend getaways to the Cape and New Hampshire. Groups of friends regularly gather over doughnuts and coffee...

Gathering spot among friends at Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, Mass.
Cozy gathering space at Country Kitchen Millis.

And kids can hardly wait for their treats to migrate from behind the glass to their hands..

Mom ordering doughnuts at Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, Mass.
Ordering some doughnuts for the family.

Those in and around the Millis area couldn't be any happier about the second Country Kitchen Donuts opening.

"Country Kitchen is a wonderful addition to Millis, which is already a quintessential New England town," said Vanessa Hoskins. "I grew up going to the one in Walpole, and I'm very glad to have one so close to home now that I live in Millis. The baked goods and doughnuts are made fresh every day and are absolutely delicious. The lemon donuts are what dreams are made of. It's great to have everyone who works there be so local, too. It seems like everyone knows someone who works there. Even though it's new to town, it has such a homey feel to it. I can't say enough good things about Country Kitchen!"

Dining counter at Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, Mass.
Dining counter area at Country Kitchen Donuts Millis.

A different menu than the Walpole Country Kitchen Donuts

While Country Kitchen in Millis serves the traditional doughnuts (chocolate, honeydip), oversized chock-full-of-flavor muffins, bagels, scones, coffee rolls and New England Coffee that helped make the Walpole location a local household name, the newer location does exhibit some major food selection differences.

First, Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis serves breakfast sandwiches. Not typical assembly-line breakfast sandwiches but huge versions that both taste great and satiate the appetite. It's served on a bagel that barely contains the large serving on egg and bacon combined with delicious gooey cheese.

Oversized breakfast sandwich from Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, Mass.
Bacon, egg and cheese on a bagel breakfast sandwich.

Trevor, who has years of experience in the service industry, also decided to get more creative with the doughnuts but not let go of what has worked in the past at the Walpole Country Kitchen Donuts. He has added cereal and candy doughnuts to the Country Kitchen Donuts Millis menu including Captain Crunch, Cinnamon Toast, Heath Bar, Oreo and these Fruity Pebbles doughnuts...

Fruity Pebbles doughnut from Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, MA.
Fruity Pebbles cereal doughnut from Country Kitchen Millis.

The fabulous Nutella doughnuts also stand as a popular new treat...

Nutella Doughnuts from Country Kithen Donuts in Millis,, MA.
Nutella doughnuts. Photo credit: Country Kitchen Donuts Millis Facebook fan page.

It's like the best of both worlds -- that is, enjoying the newer concoctions while devouring old-time favorites like lemon-filled (a big seller in Millis), chocolate, seasonal apple cider and chocolate sprinkle...

Stack of traditional doughnuts from Country Kitche Donuts, Millis, Mass.
Stack of traditional doughnuts.

"We definitely experiment with making different kind of doughnut flavors here," said Trevor. "Also, although everything served here is a focal point, the breakfast sandwiches are a major one. Breakfast sandwiches were requested many times at Walpole. We weren't able to do that there, but have done so in Millis. It has been a big hit."

Local resident Donna Concilio Jenks has found Country Kitchen Donuts Millis to be her go-to morning stop.

"It is my morning stopping ground for a fresh delicious cup of coffee," said Donna, who owns the Midway Restaurant in Dedham, Mass. "The breakfast sandwiches would even fill up the truck drivers driving down Route 109. The specialty doughnuts look very creative. I don't eat doughnuts but I do buy them for my staff once in a while...The place is always clean, and that's the first thing I look for in any restaurant. The staff works well together and are always pleasant no matter how busy they are." While not from Millis, Sarah Spencer also feels right at home when visiting Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis.

"I visited Country Kitchen Donuts, which was recommended by my daughter and son-in-law who absolutely love it there, "said Spencer. "The atmosphere is friendly and the servers were very patient while I was trying to decide between doughnuts and scones. There were some business people there on their laptops. We chatted with another mom with a young child. The coffee is amazing and there are so many flavors, but the doughnuts are out of this world. They taste so fresh and so many flavors. Also, I had to try the scones and muffins. When I visit Millis, this is my coffee shop.

Blueberry scones from Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, Massachusetts
Blueberry scones. Photo credit: Country Kitchen Donuts Millis Facebook page.

A Strong Foundation Bodes Well for Country Kitchen Millis

Cozy fireplace area at Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, Mass.
What a nice sitting area to enjoy doughnuts and coffee!

Although it took some time to realize, Trevor has the baked goods family gene. John, his dad Jim Stevens and Uncle George Stevens first started the Walpole Country Kitchen Donuts in 1969.  After George left the business and Jim retired as an owner, John quickly graduated from backroom employee to owner. Having worked mostly behind the scenes while his dad was “a jack of all trades,” John had a challenge ahead as the sole owner.

John, with his experience at Country Kitchen Donuts and possessing an associate’s degree in restaurant and hotel management from Schenectady Community College in Schenectady, N.Y., worked countless hours to turn the Walpole doughnut shop into something special. Based on a foundation of hard work and sticking to what has worked best, John ultimately created a local household name business.

John still actively runs the Walpole Country Kitchen Donuts while Trevor exhibits many of his dad's traits at the Millis spot. Like his dad, Trevor is personable, hard-working, creative, resourceful (like helping build the space), big on customer service and good to his employees.  Also like father, Trevor displays a healthy serving of good old-fashioned small business spirit with a firm handshake, a big smile and eye-to-eye contact. It's the ultimate expression of trust, respect and gratitude between manager and customer.

Millis residents and those not from the area see that camaraderie as a main course to the community-based atmosphere and outstanding doughnuts, muffins, bagels, breakfast sandwiches, scones, coffee cakes and all the other good comfort food breakfast items (along with a nice cup of coffee) that America has come to love.

Coffee rolls at Country Kitchen, Millis, MA

"I’ve known Trevor and his family for years and have been a big Walpole Country Kitchen fan since we’ve met," said Kerri Vartanian. "When I found out they were opening a second location -- seconds from where I work -- I was very excited. I’m there almost every morning to get my coffee. It’s by far the best tasting in town. As for their doughnuts, I think the best thing I can say is that they’re so good my co-workers have actually skipped out on a birthday cake from my boss on their birthdays and get a dozen doughnuts from Country Kitchen instead. To say they’re delicious is an understatement."

Plain chocolate doughnuts from Country Kitchen Donuts in Millis, Mass.
Plain chocolate doughnut from Country Kitchen Donuts. Photo credit: Country Kitchen Millis Facebook fan page.

Trevor expresses deep appreciation toward his dad and the chance to run a business and serve the community. At an age when many are still trying to figure out what career path to choose and commit to, Trevor gets to help produce and create products at this humble little doughnut shop within a beautiful, most welcoming small town.

"I am always pleased how friendly and welcoming this community is," said Trevor. "It's really great to be here."

Country Kitchen Donuts Millis is located at 1140 Main St. (Route 109), Millis MA. Tel. (774) 335-2008.

Facebook fan page:

Instagram page:

Twitter page:

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Country Kitchen Doughnuts in Millis, Mass., creates some of the best donuts in the Boston area.

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