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Ringing the Liberty Bell for Great Comfort Food in Billerica, Massachusetts

Liberty Bell, Billerica, Massachusetts
Liberty Bell, Billerica, Massachusetts.

by Eric Hurwitz. Page created on 6/24/17. All photos by Eric.

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Stonewall Kitchen, LLC
Burlington, Massachusetts offers hundreds of restaurants from virtually every food category and ethnicity. The question is, which one to choose from amongst the many options?

Why, the Liberty Bell in Billerica, Massachusetts, of course!

There's something pleasant and satisfying about this small pizza house storefront that just makes me want to take the 10-minute drive from the heart of busy Burlington into a more quiet downtown Billerica. While I love the Billerica town common, the old churches and Colonial homes in this classic New England central district, I'll have to admit that it's the food at the Liberty Bell that makes driving the extra mile(s) worth the trip.

Virtually everything here looks like something out of a television food show. The pizzas and calzones are loaded with toppings and mouthwatering, subs and wraps tasty and stacked, roast beef tender and juicy, char-broiled plates with an actual "char" taste, and fried seafood dinners reminiscent of what you'd find at a coastal eatery.  Unlike many pizza houses, the Liberty Bell also offers broiled seafood dinners and homemade soups like New England clam chowder and Greek egg lemon soup. They are even open for breakfast (and serve it all day) with omelets, bagels, muffins, breakfast sandwiches and, of course, coffee.  My favorite menu item: the Liberty Bell Special with chicken kabobs and steak tips, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled peppers, mushrooms, onions, American cheese and creamy dressing. It's huge and really delicious...

Liberty Bell Special from the Liberty Bell in Billerica, Massachusetts
Liberty Bell Special from the Liberty Bell.

Like many pizza houses, you order at the counter. The seating space is slightly larger than the typical pizza house. The service is friendly, efficient and professionally monitored by owners and managers. The atmosphere almost feels like a diner since it is open from morning into the night, everyone seems to know each other, and the food and friendliness is served in big portions.

The town of Billerica, thankfully, never really got the suburban Boston memo to become upscale, pretentious and pushy. The customers eating here -- and this is a total compliment -- often look like something out the 1960s with conversations actually going on amongst families and locals hanging out and talking with friends and people they don't even know  -- the latter, like me.

"Hey, this place is really good isn't it?" asked a local, and I nodded affirmatively -- not just because he could take me down in seconds in a game of hand wresting, or at the next level, boxing.  The Liberty Bell is good -- darn good -- and somewhat of a legend in its various locations during its long history dating back to 1975.

Nothing at all against Burlington (I spent some of my childhood happily living there) and its number of high quality restaurants (been to some and would do it again), but arriving at the Liberty Bell just feels so right, never fails to satisfy my appetite and offers freedom from the typical local stop specializing in mediocrity.  What more could one ask for in a pizza-house-meets-diner style restaurant?

Liberty Bell is located at 420 Boston Rd. in Billerica, MA. Tel. 978-667-2355.

Also, log onto the Liberty Bell Facebook Fan Page for more information.

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