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Living in a Maine Cottage Style House (Even if Your Aren't in Maine)
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Beach cottage style designs are elegant, beautiful, and refreshing. If you love the designs of the cottage style homes on the Northeastern beaches of the United States, but don't live there, never fear, you can still achieve a Maine Cottage design style for your home. The best way to achieve a cottage style beach home design is to incorporate the main features that are indicative of the design such as brightly painted wood furniture, wicker furniture pieces, and style elements that bring the outside in.

Brightly Painted Wood Furniture 

Maine Cottage Style Home Furniture

The painted colors of wood furniture are one of the classic design elements of a cottage style home. Bright or pastel color paints smoothly painted on wood furniture add a beautiful and fresh design to your home. All of the furniture in the room does not have to be the same color, it is better if they are coordinating, complimentary colors; you can also mix natural wood with painted wood furniture. To achieve the proper painted wood look, make sure to sand, prime, apply two coats of paint, and add sealer to the wood.

Wicker Furniture 

Maine Cottage Style House furnishings, furniture

When you think of wicker furniture, you might think it is only for patios, however with cottage beach style that is not the case. Wicker furniture can beautifully fit indoors and make a very comfortable and inviting room. To achieve the cottage style look, the wicker is usually painted in bright colors and the soft cushions have prints of flowers or birds with complementary colors in the patterns.

Bring the Outside In 

Maine Cottage Style Home

Bringing the outside in can be achieved in a few ways. The best way to achieve this look is to make sure that you have minimal window treatments so that the sun can shine in, bringing the outside in, literally. The sun bathed rooms are always bright and airy. In addition, sunshine makes people happy. Do not forget to add lighting to replace the sun on cloudy days and also include warm lighting elements for the evenings.

Maine Cottage style ideas

A second way to bring the outside of the beach inside is with painting of the beach or ocean creatures. Pictures of beaches, fish, or nautical images can tie in the cottage beach theme style very well.

Maine cottage style house tips

Using shells is another excellent way to bring the outside in, especially drawing on the beach and ocean for designs. Shell bowls can be used in the kitchen or dining table for a centerpiece. You can also use smaller shells glued to a picture frame or mirror border to include a big of the beach in your design styles everywhere in your home. Once entering the parking lot, however, that impression starts to change with the sight of two large barns connected by what almost looks like a breezeway on steroids.
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