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A Love of the Rocky Coast of Maine...

Short Sands Beach, York Beach, Maine

A classic rocky coast Maine scene at Short Sands Beach, York Beach, Maine (photo by Eric H.)

Article by Eric H.

At the first sign of warm weather, a trip to the rocky coast of Maine is just what the doctor ordered. Suddenly, the blahs of winter give way to walks on the beach, perfectly framed by rocky ledges and majestic seaside homes above. On the beach, some are brave enough to jump in the water but most are content strolling while soaking in the refreshing salt air and gentle breezes that many times are exempt of the humidity just a few miles inland. The feeling is slightly rough-around-the edges as, to some, the rocky coastline is too unpredictable-looking and intimidating and the water too cold, but after a while it all becomes second nature. How could it not be with a chance to connect with the sea, the beach and stunning scenery?

While Maine does indeed not share the warmer waters and longer stretches of commercial attractions of Cape Cod in Massachusetts, it has its own distinct personality that provides yet another worthy experience when visiting New England. It is a place to find solitude -- even just a few steps away from the most commercial areas -- and take in the unique rocky coast scenery that shows itself more than any other coastal area in New England. Topping off the day with a lobster dinner and a slice of wild Maine blueberry pie at a local seafood restaurant with outdoor waterfront dining and a cool evening beachside walk validates that you are now in the heart of New England.

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