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Roundabout Diner in Portsmouth, N.H.,Named One of the Best Diners in New England

Roundabout Diner, Portsmouth NHThe Roundabout Diner in Portsmouth, N.H., has earned top recognition in The Best Diners in New England ebook.

As one of 50 diners recognized in New England for overall excellence, the Roundabout Diner received high marks by The Best Diners in New England author Eric Hurwitz for its made-from-scratch food that is often locally-sourced, high-quality homemade desserts, and a classic diner atmosphere.

Here is an excerpt from a detailed chapter on the Roundabout Diner in the Best Diners in New England:

Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Roundabout looks and feels like an authentic diner and often takes typical diner food to the next level by prioritizing locally-sourced food made from scratch. Sure, you'll find all the diner staples here like meatloaf, chicken pot pie, burgers, pancakes, waffles, omelets, frappes and sundaes, but also health conscious choices like gluten-free vegetable soup, an artichoke tomato melt and spinach salad. Expect a touch of Maine cuisine here, too, like lobster rolls, lobster club sandwiches, fish and chips made from local haddock, and wild Maine Blueberry pie.

Published in 2017, The Best Diners in New England takes you on a journey to find some of New England’s greatest diners through some good old-fashioned story telling, personal perspectives, interesting and humorous anecdotes, celebrity sightings, research, interviews and plenty of colorful photos. The Roundabout Diner surely holds a prominent place in the book!

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About the Author Eric Hurwitz writes straight from the heart on New England travel for his readers on A lifelong New Englander, Hurwitz has covered many aspects of New England travel since 2001 but with a particular interest in sharing hidden travel destinations with his audience. Hurwitz holds a bachelors degree in journalism from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts, and spent 20-plus years as a reporter, assistant editor, and public affairs specialist in the public and private sectors before starting his work of love, He is the author of Massachusetts Town Greens (Globe Pequot, May 2016) and has appeared on Channel 5, WCVB's Chronicle to talk about great town commons in Massachusetts.

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