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Scenes of New England Photo Gallery: The Quaint Town of Shelburne Falls, MA
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Shelburne Falls, MA

Shelburne Falls, MA (photo by Eric H.)

by Eric H.

Shelburne Falls, MA, surely offers one of New England's most pleasant downtown districts with an appealing mix of old-time shops (books, variety shops, local drug store) a growing number of art galleries and boutiques, and several casual restaurants. Located in the Berkshire foothills at the Mohawk Trail, it is a town full of American flags and all walks of life, ranging from the flower children of the 60s to local rednecks. Everyone seems to get along here just fine in this special New England oasis that features two incredible attractions -- the Bridge of Flowers featuring 400-ft. of more than 500 varieties of flowers, shrubs and vines, and the geologically stunning glacial potholes at Salmon Falls with more than 50 naturally sculpted pothole ranging from six inches in diameter to 39 feet across! (photo by Eric H.)

For a view from the Bridge of Flowers click here

For a long view of the Bridge of Flowers, click here

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