Ipswich ice cream stand opens; spring officially begins!

by Eric H.

Children eating ice cream on the tailgate of the phony wood paneled Ford LTD station wagon has given way 20 years later to the same scenario with, say, the Honda CRV, but the theme remains eternal: families have always been magnetized to White Farms Homemade Ice Cream.

Known as the place with "the cow on the roof," White Farms has been delighting families since 1953. There's really nothing quite like eating homemade ice cream on a White Farms picnic bench under the stars. Dad listens to the Red Sox game on the nearby car radio. Mom loves the pastoral setting that calms the children. The children marvel at the animal farm. They all love the ice cream.

Located on a quiet part of Ipswich on scenic Route 133 on the North Shore in Massachusetts, White Farms has always been a family tradition, especially after a long day at the stunning Crane's Beach or a day by the water and shops in the toy-like village of Newburyport. The ice cream remains marvelous, especially the tart key lime pie, a double chocolate which is more like triple chocolate, and a very pungent ginger ice cream. Other wonderful flavors include red raspberry chip, cherry vanilla, coffee oreo, fudge ripple and chocolate peanut butter cup. White Farms also offers soft serve ice cream. We recommend trying the tasty blueberry and lemon.

For those who would rather have food before dessert, Whites serves up quite satisfying hamburger, hot dog and chicken plates.

White Farms remains a timeless New England classic ice cream stand in one of the more beautiful areas of the state. We strongly recommend making White Farms a part of your New England vacation.

White Farms Homemade Ice Cream 326 High Street (Route 133) Ipswich, Mass., Tel. (978) 356-2633

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