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Del's Lemonade Means a Refreshing Rhode Island Summer (and Beyond)

Del's Lemonade truck photo, Rhode Island

by Eric H. 

If you're looking for soft, frozen all-natural lemonade that isn't a "lemon," Del's Lemonade won't sour you.

With its lemonade stand roots starting in Cranston, RI, in

1948, Del's has expanded worldwide with some of the best tasting lemonade on earth. Thirst-quenching, flavorful and pure, Del's Lemonade has saved the day for us, for example, on hot days walking downtown Newport, RI, enjoying Roger Wheeler State Beach in Narragansett, RI, riding the East Bay Bike Path in Bristol, RI, or biking Block Island. The great thing is that although Del's is perfectly compatible to the "good old summertime," Del's Lemonade tastes really good, year-round!

It's a testimony to Del's popularity that the business has become a household name in Rhode Island. You can find Del's Lemonade in Rhode Island at local franchise shops, markets, restaurants, and on and off the streets with Del's Lemonade trucks. It seems like no matter where you turn in Rhode Island, there's a Del's "sign of the lemon." Del's is available beyond Rhode Island and can be purchased online.

To keep up with the times, Del's has expanded beyond just plain lemon. Besides, the "classic soft frozen lemonade," Del's also offers "Lite" soft frozen lemonade, watermelon, peach mango, cherry lemon burst, blueberry and kiwi. We like the lemonade the best, however. It's hard to think of a better lemonade, anywhere.

Del's Lemonade Web Site


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