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50 top classic American diners to take you back in time

Best Diners in New England book editor and publisher Eric Hurwitz reveals The Best Diners In New England -- an ideal ebook guide for great diners to visit locally, and on New England day trips and vacations. The ebook can be read by all -- on your SmartPhone, laptop, tablet or computer.

There‚Äôs really nothing like eating at a good old-fashioned diner when traveling the small towns, back roads and big cities in New England. The experience, quite simply, brings a wonderful slice of American tradition to the senses -- and taste buds -- that can only be fully realized by frequenting these local treasures.  Many of these diners feature history, tradition, an extensive menu selection, large portions of comfort foods at fair prices, quick service, oak and mahogany booths, counter with stools, jukeboxes, a stainless steel exterior, and plenty of neon. I have been to many diners in New England throughout my life, but include what I feel are the top 50 in my new ebook!

By selling The Best Diners in New England directly from author to consumer in ebook form, I am able to keep the price low so that virtually everyone can afford to purchase this helpful book. This ebook costs only $11.95 and can be read on your SmartPhone, laptop, tablet and computer!

Here's how the Best Diners in New England ebook will inform and entertain you on great, must-try diners in New England:

Green check mark Makes recommendations on what menu items to order at each diner

Green check mark Describes what it feels like to be at each unique diner

Green check mark Reveals the history behind these classic and modern diners

Green check mark Showcases beautiful photos of local diners and food selections

Green check mark Shares humorous and interesting anecdotes that have happened at these diners

Green check mark Dishes out celebrity and politician sightings -- who ate at what diner and what movies where filmed at a few of these local landmarks

and equally important...

Green check mark This ebook offers large font size for easy reading!

Yes, I am hungry and want to read the Best Diners in New England ebook right now for only $11.95!

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Enjoy reading this invaluable, fun ebook for your New England road trip!
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Eric Hurwitz
Author of The Best Diners in New England

Editor and Publisher,

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