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Masachusetts travel Dining out in New England | Country Kitchen Donuts, Walpole MA
Country Kitchen Donuts and Coffee Serves Local Home Baked Goodness in Walpole, Mass.
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Country Kitchen Donuts and Coffee, Walpole Massachusetts

Article and photos by Eric H.

Ask a Walpole, Mass., resident about Country Kitchen Donuts & Coffee, and you'll always hear a positive response.

Set amidst a world of highly competitive donut chains, Country Kitchen Donuts has remained independent for nearly 50 years and, ultimately, beloved by local residents and those from outside Walpole lucky enough to make the discovery of a down-to-earth, authentic donut shop from yesteryear.

Country Kitchen offers downright delicious donuts, New England Coffee and an excellent variety of baked goods like crullers, danishes, turnovers, coffee rolls, whoopie pies, muffins and New England Coffee. Our personal favorite include the traditional chocolate, jelly and cream-filled donuts and the large blueberry, coffee cake, and cranberry muffins. Country Kitchen truly follows the ultimate tenet of successful, authentic traditional donut-making: bake early on a daily basis. The donuts -- and everything else -- have a truly fresh-from-the-kitchen taste. The proof is in your mouth starting to water upon entering the premises! This sweet Walpole landmark is especially packed in the morning -- at the take-out line and at the long counter with stools and the several booths. The whole scene looks like some out of a "Saturday Evening Post" Normal Rockwell cover where the local conversation and coffee flow with equal frequency.

Service is typically old-fashioned New England with salt-of-the-earth middle-aged and older employees -- including lifelong Walpole resident Madeline at a youthful 82-years-old --  and some younger staff that is efficient and bucks the latest customer service trends by showing some personality.

County Kitchen Donuts, Walpole MA
Madeline and Cheryl often anchor the morning crew at Country Kitchen Donuts (photo by Eric)

Country Kitchen is set within a friendly, know-everyone-by-name setting -- typical for Walpole, a southwest Boston suburb that has remarkably held on to its small town feel with plenty of "townie" restaurants, an independently owned drug store, nice town village green, farms mixed with large neighborhood lots, and 14 percent unused land.

Country Kitchen Donuts is the perfect family, trucker and business person's stop and gets our vote, along with Kane's in Saugus, as the best Boston area donut shop. As mentioned, be prepared for a wait early in the morning, as Country Kitchen Donuts is not exactly a hidden secret. The wait, however, is worth it as one bite into the fresh donuts will have you putting the Paleo Diet on hold.

Country Kitchen Donuts and Coffee 745 Main Street, Walpole, MA 02081. Tel. (508) 668-4044

Country Kitchen box of donuts, Walpole MA

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