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Faneuil Hall offers a true historical, yet modern taste of the "Hub of the Universe," Boston, MA
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Traevl review and photo by Eric H.

Faneuil Hall, Quincy Market, Boston, MA(BOSTON, MA) --With no disrespect to historical icons that put Boston, and ultimately, the United States on the map, Faneuil Hall Marketplace is Boston's tourist centerpiece.

The festive, colorful banner-oriented 100-plus combination of retail shops, restaurants, bakeries and ice cream stops offer visitors an endless supply of clothing, calories and city life within a few blocks. Steeped in history as a meeting place for the country's "movers and shakers" to convene prior to the American Revolution, Faneuil Hall Marketplace -- also known as Quincy Market -- was eventually restored and gentrified into a brilliant and valid tourist attraction, much in the tradition of the equally captivating Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Md. It consists of the original 1742 building and two other restored buildings.

From the traditional Durgin Park restaurant -- where the

waitresses aren't quite as nasty as in the past -- to the street musicians contributing mostly well-played music, Faneuil Hall Marketplace means a field trip for the kids, a party atmosphere for young adults, a place to recapture romantic times to parents out for the night, and a model of Boston pride for the older generation of lifelong residents wanting their city to remain full of unique character.

Urban revitalization can mean as little as putting in a few gas lamps or a garden or two. Faneuil Hall Marketplace, on the other hand, falls in the "extreme makeover" category of restoring an area in need of a facelift. Nearby Haymarket Square once took the limelight with its lively market place (and admittedly smelly fish being sold). Now, with Faneuil Hall Marketplace's presence it just makes everything surrounding it that much better -- kind of like what Larry Bird did for the other Boston Celtics players. One of the great companions to Faneuil Hall Marketplace is walking to the North End, a great place to stroll down narrow, crooked streets, see neighborhood pride in the eyes of lifelong residents and experience an unbeatable Italian dining scene (Al Dente, Massamino's and Dom's are a few shining examples).

Missing out on Faneuil Hall Marketplace during a visit to Boston would be like driving a car without an engine. It is a sparkplug to your Boston vacation, and a colorful one, at that.

Fanueil Hall Marketplace, Merchants Row, Boston, MA, Tel. (617) 242-5675

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