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Jalapenos Grill Brings Dining Spice to Walpole, MA with Authentic Mexican Cuisine

Jalapenos restaurant photo, Walpole, MA

Article and photo by Eric H.

You can tell that Jalapenos Grill in Walpole, MA, is different from most of the local Mexican restaurants in the Boston suburbs: the food isn't overwhelmed by salt and the overall freshness of the Yucatan cuisine favors wholesome, full-bodied flavors over the drive-through, pre-made, junk food-style stale specialties of the day we're accustomed to.

What's more, the comfortable, large dining room with friendly service, pleasant terra cotta-colored walls and open kitchen lends an atmosphere makes Jalapeno's a pleasant place to eat some of the best, most authentic Mexican food in the area. In the warmer weather, they also have colorful outdoor dining, overlooking a typical, pleasant small New England downtown (although there needs to be some revitalization to this potentially magnificent center).

Jalapenos serve appetizers, soups, quesadillas, burritos, tacos, seafood, enchiladas, fajitas, and desserts like a chocolate Kahlua sombrero cake and churros -- sort of like a Mexican pretzel. The food can be ordered according to your threshold of spice preference, and the kitchen is quite amenable to your dietary needs. In other words, you're not limited to the text on the menu.

Jalapenos Grill is not inexpensive with entrees ranging from $9.00 to $21.00, but the meals are worth it, given the flair for fresh and creative dishes and ultimate high quality that's hard to find at local Mexican restaurants.

We've been told that the owner, Ricardo Dorronsoro, seems to be here most of the time He walks around the restaurant with a lot of pride and purpose -- that's good news for you as this approach translates well into some really great food! On my first visit at lunch, the salsa, fresh tacos and the carne asada taco was out-of-this-world -- served on a hot iron skillet) with onions and fresh homemade salsa. Served with Mexican rice and black beans. On a previous visit, the Mexican salmon tasted unlike any other Mexican dish I've had (in the best sense) -- a fillet topped with orange glaze and mango salsa. and served with Mexican rice and black beans.

Jalapenos Grill brings a true Mexican food presence to Walpole, as well as a real downtown restaurant -- much needed in a town that could have a great downtown but has let its former vibrancy slip into too many empty storefronts and a revolving door of uninteresting stores.  Here's to Jalapeno's for not only serving some great Mexican food, but perhaps starting the beginning of a potential downtown renaissance by setting a good example of running a business with wide appeal, pride of ownership and a really great product in its wonderful Mexican cuisine.

Jalapenos Grill, Walpole Center, 960 Main St., Walpole, MA Tel. (508) 668-3900.


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