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Don't Glaze Over Visiting This Donut Shop: Kane's Donuts in Saugus Mass.

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Kanes Donuts Saugus MA

Article by Eric H. Photos credits: Kane's Donuts

Kane's Donuts in Saugus, Mass., has withstood the test of time, including surviving in a world of high profile donut chains, supermarket bakeries that favor convenience over quality, and uptight health evangelists that say no one should consume this type of "Frankenfood."

Yet, Kane's has thrived since its inception in 1955 and actually keeps getting better. They have been innovators in creating different yet delicious flavors, traditionalists in perfecting the most popular donuts like plain, jelly and glazed, and beloved members of the local community for operating a quality business and being such nice people. Customers love the staff and the staff love the customers.

The mainstream media raves about Kane's donut recipes, but perhaps the greatest recipe coming out of this modest Saugus storefront is the admiration and respect that is shown towards the customer.  We have been to many donut shops that turned out good products through the years but with several showing no appreciation for the customer, and no passion for their trade. Maybe that is why many of these donut shops are no longer around? Sure, chains have created tough competition for the local donut shops, but why is it that places like Kane's not only stay in business but seem to find more customers coming through the doors here in the 21st Century? Kane's is just flat-out great and really cares about its business, that's why!

Kane's lemon-filled donuts, Saugus MALet's whet your appetite here by mentioning many of Kane's incredible homemade, hand-cut, fresh-out-of-the-oven large donuts: apple-filled, lemon-filled (photo at left), honey lemon, jimmy coated, nut crunch, red velvet,
raspberry coconut, Devil Dog (photo below), chocolate frosted, Reese Cup, turtle, M&M, Boston cream, chocolate honey-dipped,  creme brulee, coconut, peanut butter and Maine blueberry. The fall brings specials like apple cider and pumpkin, winter egg nog and Channukah, spring lemon chiffon and peach melba and summer s'mores and pink lemonade.

Add fresh ground coffee, Danish pastry, muffins, cup cakes and pies,and you have a donut shop that goes beyond just being a donut shop. But even if Kane's justKane's Devil Dog Donuts, Saugus MA sold donuts, they would go beyond just being a donut shop. To us, they simply have the best donuts we have tried anywhere in New England and service that makes one feel welcome instead of just being another faceless customer in and out the door. The Delios family clearly wears its pride of ownership on its sleeve every second of store businesses hours.

One more note that we feel closes out this article well: don't forget the Bismark. This long jelly donut with cream on top can easily be botched by shops with no sense of the art and science of donut making, but Kane's saves the day by turning out an amazingly flavorful and satiating version.

While the Bismark is off-the-charts great, don't ignore those other donut flavors. Kane's pretty much hits a home run with everything they do!

Kane's Donuts is located at 120 Lincoln Ave,. Saugus MA. Tel. (781) 233-8499.

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