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My Sister and I: A Most Welcoming Restaurant in Bridgewater, Mass.
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Article and photos by Eric H.

My Sister and I restaurant, Bridgewater MA

Article and photo by Eric H.

It was a cold, gray winter day and I was feeling miserable with a cold. What to do on such a New England day when you're running errands 40 miles from home?

The inviting, slightly weathered hometown restaurant appearance of My Sister and I Restaurant on Main St. in Bridgewater, Mass., offered a possible temporary solution. With an old Coca Cola sign above this diner-like spot, handwritten specials of the day on the window, and warm inside ambiant light providing potential respite from this drab February day, My Sister & I looked like the perfect place for a cup of chicken soup and some hot tea.

My Sister and I, Bridgewater MA

The friendly waitress welcomed me within seconds, and within minutes served me an incredibly tasty cup of chicken soup, "straight from the crockpot." That chicken soup and some black tea, in their still unexplained medical ways, relieved my congestion as well as my trepediation about being stuck in an unfamiliar town for 60 minutes.

My Sister and I epitomizes the townie restaurant -- a bacon and eggs, muffins (amazing chocolate chip!) sandwiches and soups, coffee and desserts type of place (with dinner served only on Friday nights) that clearly brings in a loyal crowd. I was the only one in the restaurant that didn't know somebody else. Despite being the outsider with a runny nose and bloodshot eyes, the staff and an older crowd were most kind to me, initiating "hellos" with sincere smiles -- even the gruff, old man at the counter whose 1950s-style hat cast a shadow over most of his face. As I was leaving, a college crowd entered, thus validating that an old place like My Sister and I probably also satisfies the younger crowd attending Bridgewater College right around the corner.

My personal and work responsibilities will bring me back to Bridgewater on a regular basis. File My Sister and I restaurant as a place bookmarked for many more returns, based on that very first visit.

My Sister and I is located at 42 Central Square, Bridgewater MA. Tel. 508-697-9544

Chocolate chip muffin, My Sister and I, Bridgewater MA

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