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Scenes of New England Photo Gallery: Red Barn at Adams Farm, Walpole, MA

Adams Farm Red Barn, Walpole, MA

Adams Farm Red Barn, Walpole, MA (photo by Eric  H.)

Adams Farm in Walpole, MA, provides a natural oasis in the heart of southwest Boston suburbia

Article and photo by Eric H.)

It's astounding that suburban Boston, MA, in this age of overdevelopment, can still have places like Adam Farm.

Having been saved from development by some hardy, persistent and nature-loving residents of Walpole, the 365 acres -- run by the Friends of Adams Farm, a group of area residents -- provides a true respite from the stresses of modern day life. It's a great place for fall foliage leaf peeping, hiking, picnics, cross country trail walking,, non motorized bike trail riding, nature photography, bird watching, cross country skiing, snow shoeing and sledding. We especially love the scenic, wooded trails going off in different directions. The Friends of Adams Farm recently raised over $100K to create a beautiful red barn and pavillion. Not only is it a rural visual delight, but also a wonderful place to have a picnic -- the open fields, distant farms and woods create a dining atmosphere better than any restaurant!

Adams Farm is the perfect place to enjoy the great outdoors without having to travel to New Hampshire or Vermont. There are times at Adams Farm when you feel you could very well be in those two states, given the lovely countryside and chance to commune with Mother Nature.

Visit the Friends of Adams Farm Web Site for more information


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