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Travel Photos of the New Bedford, MA, Whaling District
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New Bedford, MA, Whaling District

The New Bedford Whaling District features some amazing historical preservation (photo by Eric H.) 

Article and photos by Eric H.

The U.S. National Park Service's 13-block Whaling District resonates with charm. The cobblestone streets, and old sea captain homes, churches and brick buildings lovingly bring out the flavor of New Bedford's presence as the greatest whaling city in the world back in the mid-1800s. Today, the Whaling District is "anchored" by the marvelous New Bedford Whaling Museum, a state-of-the-art museum celebrating the glory days of the local whaling industry. The Whaling District also features many shops, galleries, boutiques and restaurants to complement an area perfect for strolling.  Along with Portland, Maine's Port Exchange, the New Bedford Whaling District is our top choice for urban historical preservation by the sea.  We think you'll love walking the charming streets, and connecting with coastal, urban New England.

Enjoy the following New Bedford Whaling District photos:

New Bedford, MA,: historic Whaling District street

A glimpse of the sea beyond the old cobblestone streets...

New Bedford Whaling Museum

A half-scale replica of a New Bedford whaling boat, featured at the New Bedford Whaling Museum...

New Bedford Whaling Museum photo

And quite an awesome whale skeleton scene from the second floor of the Whaling Museum!

New Bedford, MA, cobblestone street

They just don't make cities like this anymore, so it's nice when neighborhoods like this are so well-preserved.

Freestone's City Grill, New Bedford, MA

Freestone's City Grill,  a highly-regarded and beloved local restaurant with fresh-off-the-boat seafood. Freestone's is charmingly housed in a former bank built in 1877.

New Bedford MA Whaling District photo

The Whaling District can get a bit hilly --all the much better for a good workout!

New Bedford Whaling District photo

The Whaling District is certainly bustling these days, and features unique shops and a different style of architecture everywhere you look. Love the street lights, too!

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