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What it Feels Like to be on a Swan Boat at the Boston Public Garden, Boston, Mass.
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  Picture of Swan Boat, Boston Public Garden

Swan Boat at the Boston Public Garden, Boston, Mass.

Article and photo by Eric H.

(BOSTON, MA) --The Boston Public Garden's Swan Boats of Boston ride proves that one can soak up the high energy urban environment while discovering Boston and yet still find a way to "get away from it all" in that very community.

Like an oasis in the middle of a desert, the Boston Public Garden Swan Boats of Boston could pacify even Barney Fife. The gentle roll of the pond water, the laundry fresh summer breeze and the views of the big city minus the noise is, to many, a highlight of visiting Boston.

The 24-acre Boston Public Garden, established in 1837, as the first botanical garden in the U.S., is a sight to behold itself. Adjacent to Arlington St., its lush flower gardens, cool shaded green grass, park benches to read book or people watch, and developed pathways to enjoy a pleasant stroll make for a great day in the more quiet part of the city. The Boston Public Garden has and shall be a part of Boston's greatness: In 1859, by an Act of the Massachusetts Legislature, the Boston Public Garden was preserved forever as an open space for the citizenry. It is lovingly and carefully maintained by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department and the Friends of the Public Garden.

The oversized pretend swan on the back of each boat may seem hokey, but somehow even a plastic, bloated swan can exude grace and peacefulness on this pedal-powered 15 minute boat ride that has delighted thousands of visitors during the warm weather for the past 130 years.

Although the fake swans get all the initial attention, one can view real swans, fenced in, during a swan boat ride. It goes without saying, but that is a nice alternative to dealing with pigeons and seagulls all day.

We highly recommend you visit the Boston Public Garden and the Swan Boats of Boston. One of the best examples in the nation of solitude in the city, there's nothing like a nice swan boat ride at the Boston Public Garden in the good old summertime.

The Swan Boats of Boston, Tel. 617-522-1966

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