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Bova's Bakery, North End of Boston, Mass.
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Article and photo by Eric H.

The North End of Boston, Mass., is saturated with bakeries that wonderfully represent the culinary side of its Italian neighborhood setting quite well. The question is, what place to choose when there's so little time to try them all?

My choice would be Bova's Bakery. a family-run business since 1932, Bova's has withstood the test of time by turning out marvelous, authentic Italian bread, ricotta cannoli, flavorful tiramisu, eclairs, anisette cookies, cream puffs and whoopie pies with real whipped cream, Sicilian pizza, and huge subs on an Italian roll known as  spucadella -- or "spuckie," for short. This is all the "real deal" that we are told would make proud a visitor from Italy who knows the difference between authentic and fake.

We could go on and on about all the right-out-of-the-oven homemade selections here -- and really can't say enough about the high quality. There's also something so "homey" about Bova's, which isn't as updated some other comparable, equally terrific North End bakeries. It's that down-to-earth feeling and a side street location that makes the overall experience that much better. You feel no signs of a tourist trap here -- just a humble working class storefront with lots of neighborhood pride.

And if you are concerned about getting to Bova's before they close for the day, have no worries; they are open 24 hours a day (in a row)!

Bova's is located at 134 Salem St., Boston MA. Tel. (617) 523-5601

Bova's Bakery Storefront, North End Boston MA

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