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The Ultimate Sunday Brunch at Lake Pearl Luciano's in Wrentham, MA

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by Eric H.

Lake Pearl Luciano's, in Wrentham, MA, offers one of the appealing Sunday morning brunches in New England.

Owned by the local restaurant landmark, Luciano's, also in Wrentham, a crackerjack, professional staff from managers to waitstaff expertly runs Lake Pearl Luciano's, therefore keeping the dining peaks way above the valleys. It is the perfect place for a Sunday dining-out experience, as well as for special occasions like Mother's Day, Father's Day, graduation and wedding receptions (in the function rooms).

The setting couldn't be any nicer, located on scenic Lake Pearl in appealing in this the southwest Boston suburb -- a residential community that acts more like a vacation spot (it isn't) with its myriad lakes and ponds, winding country roads, farms, and a quaint, classic tree-lined downtown with antique stores, a diner, ice cream place, candy shop, hardware store and other small town stores.

This 15,000 sq. ft. function hall with a nice large dining room and pleasant smaller dining spaces opens it doors on Sunday morning from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. to the public. The chefs at Lake Pearl Luciano's offer the highest quality versions of the familiar -- omelets made to order, fresh from the ocean seafood (now there's a rarity compared to the frozen breaded stuff normally experienced at Sunday brunches). Also, highlighting the more than 20 selections at a 40-ft. long buffet table are a carving station with great cuts of roast beef and ham and entrees from chicken to bacon and eggs, and waffles. The number of desserts seems infinite, with an emphasis on cake and small pastries -- all are tasty; it is hard to just have one.

Depending on where you are seated, the dining facilities afford some beautiful views of Lake Pearl. In the warmer weather, it's nice to walk the premises and marvel at the Lake, a true hidden gem that you won't find in your typical travel guide. Given the appealing surroundings and function hall presence, Lake Pearl Luciano's, also seems to be a wonderful place to have a wedding or other types of reception.

Lake Pearl Luciano's is a short drive from the center and feels like a mini-paradise. Set on 25 perfectly landscaped acres next to Lake Pearl Beach ( a real treat for for the family in the warmer weather with its sandy beach, clean waters, playground and Lake Pearl Luciano's-owned food stand),

While many area Sunday morning brunches seem inconsistent, Lake Pearl Luciano's shines every time. The scenery certainly adds to the this grand experience that will have you returning again and again.

Lake Pearl Luciano's, 299 Creek St., Wrentham, MA
Tel.: (508) 384-3003, Fax: (508) 384-9792

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