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The 17 Best Italian, Greek and Bar Style Pizza in the Boston Area

Spencer's Pizza, Abington MA -- cheeseburger pizza with ketchup, mustard, pickles and ground beef

Cheeseburger pizza with ketchup, mustard, pickles , and ground beef from Spencer's Pizza in Abington MA.(photo credit: Spencer's Pizza Facebook fan page.

by Eric Hurwitz. Updated 12/19/16.

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The best pizza is the one you like the most.
  Objectivity might as well be thrown out the window when it comes to discussing who makes the best pizza. Unlike most of us, taste buds have no brain and no form of reasoning.

Most people will agree, however, on the old adage "When pizza is great, it's great, and when it's bad, it's still pretty good" -- unless anyone can remember the vendor in the 1980s at Salisbury Beach, MA, slapping two pieces of bread on American cheese, baking it, and calling it pizza.

Below, we have compiled a list of our favorite pizza restaurants and take-out storefronts in the Boston area and the rest of eastern Massachusetts. By no means is it factual, just opinion driven by our taste buds. The following establishments, however, do have great reputations in the Boston area (and beyond), as the unofficial consensus is that they have maintained their high standards:

Italian style pizza
Photo below: Prince Pizzeria, Saugus, MA.

Prince Pizzeria Leaning Tower of Pizza, Saugus MALeo's Pizzeria, Walpole, MA -- I love pizza places like Leo's that are well-staffed with about 5,000 employees working the counter and kitchen within a 10 sq. ft. area.  It's great to see your pizza being made from scratch as the cast of thousands try to avoid bumping into each other. The thin-crust, foldable Italian-style pizzas -- as well as the calzones -- taste as good as any in the North End of Boston, made that much better by loading the toppings. Leo's has a small eat-in dining room, but take-out is the most popular mode here, with lines sometimes going out the door. 1363 Main St., Route 1A, Walpole, MA. Tel. (508) 660-0141

Santarpio's, East Boston, MA -- Right-out of-the-oven, crisp, soupy pizzas with a beyond-outstanding tasting tomato sauce that no one else could ever duplicate.  Established as a bakery in 1903 and as a pizzeria in 1933, Santarpio's is a beloved, no-frills local legend that has maintained it high standards for making perhaps the best pizza in Massachusetts or New England, for that matter. 113 Chelsea St, East Boston, MA. Tel. (617) 567-9871

Regina Pizzeria, Boston, MA -- Legendary since its inception in 1926 and still great, the Italian-style brick oven recipes haven't succumbed to suburban expansion. Absolutely phenomenal pizza, nothing else to say. 11 1/2 Thacher Street (North End) Boston, MA. Tel. (617) 227-0765

Prince Pizzeria and Bar , Saugus, MA --- The Prince Restaurant stills stands tall, with the exception of the "Leaning Tower of Pizza," a humongous structure on top of the restaurant emulating Italy's Leaning Tower of Pisa. Prince has a festive, family-friendly atmosphere, family owned since 1961, and with some of the most consistently good pizza in the region. We recommend the tangy margarita pizza, which isn't on the menu -- just ask when ordering at the counter. Route 1 Southbound, Saugus, MA. Tel. 781-233-9950

The Chateau , Waltham, MA -- This huge, crowded restaurant with several rooms colored definitely remembers its more humble beginnings during the Depression era by continuing to turn out well made Italian-style pizza. The eggplant topping is excellent. 195 School St., Waltham, MA. Tel. (781) 894-3339.

Bianchi's, Revere Beach, MA -- Thin, crispy, Italian-style pizza with a little grease, a wonderful tomato sauce, and lots of toppings. Located at Revere Beach, the walk-up window is open year-round, which means you can eat Bianchi's pizza by the beach in zero degree weather in February.  Better, yet, enjoy a slice outdoors in the summer or call ahead and take home this delicious pizza, one of the best in the Boston suburbs! 322 Revere Beach Blvd. Revere, MA. Tel. (781) 284-9472

New London Pizza, Concord MAGreek style pizza
Photo: New London Style Pizza, Concord MA

New London Style Pizza, Concord, MA -- New London's Greek style pizza is addictive. It's greasy without being too greasy and has a most compatible marriage of flavorful cheese,tomato, ample toppings and thick crust. It's a fact that people eat New London pizza really fast because they don't want to spend a second not tasting the memorable pizza. The best combination is hamburg and green pepper. New London has a small, clean dining room overlooking the attractive Concord Depot train station. On a side note, we once saw historian Doris Kearns Goodwin take out some pizza from New London. Maybe New London's legendary pizzas will make its way into one of her history books. 71 Thoreau Street, Concord, MA 01742, Tel. (978) 369-7053.

Jimmy's Pizzeria, Walpole, MA -- Great Greek-style pizza, including some amazing gourmet versions, highlight this spotless, friendly, appealing small restaurant in pleasant East Walpole. There's always a smile, quick service and steady business. The circular dining room with nice overhead lights and big windows offer a nice alternative to the typical house of pizza setting. 4 East St., Walpole. Tel. (508) 660-6700.

Vistory Lane, Millis MABar pizza
Photo: Victory Lane, Millis MA.

There's no specific definition for a bar pizza, but they are usually small, have a crispy, thin crust and served in a restaurant with a bar -- or just a bar, period. Here are some of the best bar pizzas I've tasted in the Boston area:

Venus Cafe, Whitman, MA -- This landmark south of Boston restaurant and bar with no windows and a brick exterior sometimes either overcooks or under cooks its pizza, but no matter what version, the Venus turns out some of the best bar pizza south of Boston. The Venus special is especially popular with its linguica, hot pepper and hamburg toppings. The Venus is essentially a dive but the service is almost always friendly, and there are plenty of families enjoying pizza in the dining room. The Venus has been in business since 1964! 47 South Ave., Whitman MA. Tel. (781)447-0494

Nashoba Club Restaurant, Ayer MA -- The Nashoba Club looks like some place you'd find on a lonesome Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York road, but thank goodness it is closer to home in Ayer! This classic restaurant/bar with a rustic touch has been in business since 1950 and prides itself on serving homemade pizza. It's hard to classify the pizza as strictly bar pizza, but the bottom line is that the taste is fresh and flavorful.  Many go with the Nashoba Special with onions, green peppers, pepperoni and hamburg. Another popular pizza is the Pork U Pie with sweet sausage, bacon, kielbasa, ham, hot sausage and pepperoni. Pizza isn't the only game in town at the Nashoba, however, as they serve outstanding burgers, a Swiss chili hot dog wrap, homemade soups and haddock specials on Fridays and Saturdays. 14 Central Ave., Ayer MA. Tel. (978) 772-2736

Lynwood Cafe, Randolph, MA --  The Lynwood has been around since 1949 and is generally regarded as having the best bar pizza in the Boston area. This neighborhood bar features some incredibly tasty bar pizza that is based on a family recipe and fresh ingredients -- no canned foods here. All you need to taste a truly phenomenal pizza is the cheese or pepperoni, but offbeat choices like the Bean Special with Boston baked beans, onions and salami seem to have its own cult following, too. 320 Center St., Randolph MA. Tel. (781) 963-3100

Town Spa Pizza, Stoughton, MA -- Families, Keno, old men with pot bellies and high school varsity team jackets, and terrific thin Italian style, bar pizza with a slightly oily but addictive taste in this large south of Boston restaurant. 1119 Washington St, Stoughton, MA.  Tel. 781-344-2030

The Venice, Norwood, MA -- This unassuming traditional Italian-American restaurant in working class South Norwood serves some amazing bar-style pizza. Whether dining in the slightly worn dining room or the no frills neighborhood bar in the back, you can't go wrong with the thin, crispy pizza here with some outstanding homemade sauce and a unique blend of cheeses. 1086 Washington St., Norwood MA. Tel. (781) 255-7447

Pleasant Cafe, Roslindale, MA -- A combination of Italian and bar-style pizza with an appealing slightly greasy taste, the Pleasant Cafe always hits the spot, and the atmosphere is refreshingly  old school with its neon sign out front and booths and wood paneling inside.  The Pleasant Cafe is certainly time-tested with roots going back to 1920! 4515 Washington St., Roslinedale MA. Tel. (617) 323-2111

Spencer's Pizza, Abington, MA -- Further proof that the south of Boston region has the best bar pizza, Spencer's Pizza might look rather plain but the pizza certainly isn't. Looking like something out of a food magazine, the bar style pizzas have a taste that almost forces one to not take a break while eating -- it's that addictive. Never one to skimp on toppings, Spencer's pepperoni is a true work of art and some of the creative versions truly have legendary status -- like the Shepherd's Pie, baked stuffed potato, taco, and shrimp and bacon pizzas. Or how about a cheeseburger pizza with ketchup, mustard, pickles , and ground beef? Yum! 123 Centre Ave., Abington MA. Tel. (781) 871-2823

Cape Cod Cafe Pizza, Brockton MA -- Cape Cod Cafe Pizza turns out one of the most consistently great bar pizzas south of Boston. Pizza, a Greek salad and cheap beer is the way to go here for many at this informal bar/restaurant. The business has been around since 1947, and I have been told that the pizza tastes the same as it did back in the old days -- that's a good thing as many locals consider this the "go-to" destination for bar pizza, south of Boston.  The "Famous Bar Pizza" -- plain cheese and tomato -- is perfectly seasoned with an appealing crust somewhere between thick and thin. Many love the Locanico (Greek sausage) and the Meat Eater with pepperoni, hamburg, sausage, ham, linguica, and salami over meat sauce and topped with cheese. 979 Main St., Brockton MA. Tel. (508) 583-9420

Victory Lane, Millis, MA -- Victory Lane offers great homemade Italian/bar-style pizza at low prices. A hidden restaurant in the best sense (because very few people know about Millis off Route 109), Victory Lane has a racing car theme decor and plenty of locals that come here regularly for pizza, as well as burgers, steak tips, pasta, and drinks at this cozy, welcoming watering hole. 32 Exchange St., Millis MA. Tel. (508) 376-2595

VisitingNewEngland readers Kerri and Jack also have a suggestion for a great bar pizza, south of Boston... "Poopsie's in Pembroke, MA, has the absolute best, most mouthwatering bar-style pizza around!  The casual atmosphere is family-friendly, and the place gets packed on the weekends and most weeknights.  The crust is crisp and crunchy, and the cheese is always hot and gooey.  The sauce is like no other -- not too spicy, not too sweet, but a perfect flavorful blend.  Everyone on the South Shore knows about and raves about this pizza joint!  There really is no comparison." 243 Chruch St., Pembroke MA. Tel. (781) 826-5282

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