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Prudential Building Skywalk Observatory photo, Boston, MA

Article and photo by Eric H.

The sweeping 360 degree views from the Prudential

Building's 50th floor Skywalk Observatory provide an amazing experience as the mammoth City of Boston suddenly looks very small from way up above -- sort of like a toy village with horrible traffic.

All of Boston and beyond are available for prime time viewing, including Boston Harbor, the Charles River, Fenway Park, the even taller-than-the-Prudential-Building Hancock Tower and suburban views like the Blue Hills in Canton, MA. It's a total shock for those who thought they had a great view from their third-floor walk-up attic, or mountain hikers who climb three hours to end up viewing lots of trees.

For locals, the imagination runs wild. Is that Peabody in the distance? Are those cars to the north headed to Kelly's Roast Beef? Is that Abington behind the Blue Hills? Might I be able to view a Boston Red Sox game for free from this very location (the answer is "no.")?

For visitors, the Observatory is a great introduction to Boston, showing the neighborhoods that make Boston one of the most diverse places in the world. It's hard to know where to begin, from the lovely church architecture and charming brownstone neighborhoods to the shiny modern buildings.

To help visitors make sense out of it all, a personal audio system elucidates on Boston's historic and cultural points of interests at designated sections of the Skywalk. The audio seems to detract from just viewing the city for smaller children and very immature adults, but most visitors will find it invaluable as it summarizes Boston's highlights quite well. There is also the Dreams of Freedom Immigration Museum exhibits, the Ted Williams Museum Exhibit, a new theater, and gift shop. One floor above is the much-improved Top of the Hub Restaurant. Formerly a mediocre tourist trap, the Top of the Hub eventually transformed itself into a plush, classy New American cuisine establishment. Clever variations of steak, seafood and chicken dishes make the Top of the Hub more than just a place with more spectacular views -- recommended for all except those with acrophobia.

The Prudential Building Skylight Observatory is a must-do when vacationing in, or visiting Boston, bringing the overall city experience to "new heights."

The Prudential Building Skywalk Observatory

800 Boylston Street, Boston, MA. Tel. 617-859-0648

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