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Putnam, Conn: Where Antiques Shopping Never Grows Old

Putnam Conn.: antiques and dining destination
Downtown Putnam features many great antiques stores and restaurants.

by Eric Hurwitz. Page updated on 2/15/2022

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Putnam, perhaps the jewel of New England antique shopping destinations, is best appreciated by walking the quaint downtown in this highly likeable northeast Connecticut town.

As something of an antique itself, old-fashioned Putnam can not be fully realized by just a driving tour. Beyond its sometimes rough-around-the edges façade is a community where historical details, and slices of true Americana combine with all those wonderful antiques shops to create a special, somewhat stuck-in-time New England travel destination.  Strolling the time warp-style downtown is really the best way to see all the unique nooks and crannies.

The old Montgomery Ward building serves as sort of the architectural anchor of downtown Putnam  -- it's an old brick building with character (and the Montgomery Ward name still intact) put to good use by showcasing several local businesses.

Old Montgomery Ward building in Putnam CT

The nicely restored Montgomery Ward building features many great mom and pop shops.

Putnam's hometown head-on parking, the well-maintained 1906 train station, the downtown's large outdoor patio with chairs and tables, a nice mix of modern and mom and pop stores, a community playhouse called the Bradley, and a growing restaurant scene.  85 Main is a terrific fine dining yet casual establishment, operated by Barry Jessurun and Brian Jessurun, owners of the landmark Vanilla Bean Cafe in neighboring Pomfret).

In Putnam, you'll see the old barber shop and the local watering hole, but there's also the boutique or gallery. It is  one of those towns where the locals seem friendly -- saying "hello" to you on the streets and also allowing you to use the crosswalk first before they drive their cars. There's a leisurely pace and a welcoming flavor, catering to the many tourists who come here to shop for antiques.  Those initial uncomfortable feelings of driving through Putnam are now completely gone, thus proving that there's more to life than what we see behind the wheel. Sometimes, walking brings out the finer details of a community.

“We are not your cookie cutter town,” said Chris Coderre, former business coordinator for the Putnam Business Association. “We have kept the quaint New England downtown vibe, but it isn’t just vintage. We have galleries, theater and many restaurants. Our motto is ‘Vintage feel, modern appeal.’”

A stroll through downtown Putnam, Conn.

Putnam features many locally-owned businesses.

The WINY (AM 1350) radio "broadcast house," right by the scenic Quinebaug River and waterfall, has a 1950s-style architectural look with on-air talent and local ads, promoting local businesses, to match. It's almost a throwback to hear announcers broadcasting on location, at the car dealership, and using the "you heard it here first" breaking news flash in this bustling small town.

The Quinebaug River and falls is quite a sight with its roaring flow of water splashing and crashing in all directions...

Quinebaug River and waterfall in Putnam CT

Quinebaug River and waterfall.

For all its typical small-town appeal, Putnam's real drawing card is antique shopping with several shops totaling 50,000 sq. ft. of merchandise.  The centerpiece of antique shopping in Putnam is the Antiques Marketplace, at 109 Main St. (860- 928-0442), with four floors of over 350 booths, showcasing more than 50,000 pieces of antiques spanning three centuries! Shopping at the Antiques Marketplace is more like touring a very large museum, as we were fascinated by the variety of merchandise including art pottery, jewelry, glassware, toys, coins, porcelain, lamps, paintings, picture frames, dishes, sterling, rugs, kitchen collectibles, furniture, and sports items -- that's just the tip of the iceberg.  We easily could have spent a morning here, thus suggesting that touring the other antique stores could have resulted in a full day trip.

Jeremiah's Antiques and Shoppes at 25 Front St. is also a low-key, friendly antiques store that focuses on less expensive antiques and features, in the back of the store, a free museum that showcases props from movie sets and costumes worn by celebrities. Be prepared to spend some time at Jeremiah's as it is jam-packed with a wonderful variety of things from the past!

It's not just antiques that make Putnam such a nice place to visit, however. We truly like the Mayberry RFD small-town feel of Putnam...

The Mayberry RFD-like look of Putnam, Connecticut. The Mayberry RFD-like look of Putnam

You'd almost expect Floyd the Barber, Aunt Bee and Andy to walk through town (there were even a few Barney Fifes during our visit, albeit with New York City accents, drawing attention to themselves as loud, self-proclaimed antique shopping experts). We look forward to returning to this surprisingly vibrant, thriving former mill town -- that really looked like a dying mill town when driving. It just goes to show what a little walking can reveal when traveling the "true" New England.

Culture and history certainly add to that wonderful mix. The Bradley Playhouse (30 Front St., Tel. 860- 928-7887) presents live drama, comedy, musical productions and movies as well as other special events throughout the year. Beautiful historic architecture can be seen in many buildings -- a prime example being the Congregational Church of Putnam at 175 Main St.

Congregational Church of Putnam. in Putnam CT

Congregational Church of Putnam..

While the appealingly dusty look of the town remains intact, colorful-looking small businesses catch the eye. Nikki's Dog House, at 5 Canal St., draws in visitors -- first with its yellow signage and then Coney Island hot dogs and other comfort foods...

Nikki's Dog House in Putnam CT

Nikki's Dog House.

Wonderland Comics, at 160 Main St,, also features a vibrant-looking storefront. It is the largest comic, collectibles and game store in eastern Connecticut.

Wonderland Comics in Putnam CT Wonderland Comics

Putnam always sees to be a work in progress but that's certainly not a negative. It's actually a huge positive. The town's ever evolving presence constantly gives locals and visitors something to look forward to any time of the year. It's like residents, small business owners, landlords and elected and appointed officials have collectively put their foot to the pedal without letting go until reaching their desired mission. That goal might someday result in a complete destination but for now, visitors like us enjoy Putnam's journey as the greatest joy -- appreciating the current moments in this gem of a small town.

Putnam, Connecticut

Putnam has such a welcoming vibe and one-of-a-kind look.

For more information on Putnam, Connecticut, log onto the Putnam Business Association, Discover Putnam web site and the Discover Putnam Facebook fan page.

Water view of downtown Putnam Connecticut

Putnam is looking very nice these days!

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Downtown Putnam, Connecticut has been wonderfully revitalized after many years of decline. It is now a popular destination for antiques shopping and outstanding restaurants.

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