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Photo of Jerusalem Rd., Cohasset, Mass.
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Cohasset MA ocean
Jerusalem Way, Cohasset, Mass. (photo by Eric H.)

by Eric H.

If New England towns and cities were competing in a beauty contest, Cohasset, Mass., would certainly be in the finals.

The beautiful harbor, quaint downtown village setting with large town common, pond and specialty shops and restaurants, and one of New England's most scenic coastal drives on Jeruselum Rd. (pictured above) make Cohasset a truly special travel destination. It's not a vacation mecca, by any means, and that's a good thing. The harbor and village spots, in particular, are meant primaily for the southeast suburban Boston South Shore residents of Cohasset to enjoy, although a growing and dedicated number of visitors have discovered this little town that is every bit as nice -- if not nicer -- than many of the famous Cape Cod communities. Keep in mind, however, that we're talking about the "real" Cape Cod towns and not the overcommericalized travel destinations that have marred the innate beauty of the Cape. Here, in Cohasset, the town feels like those unspoiled Cape Cod towns -- and the beauty is, that you don't even have to drive over the traffic-congested Sagamore or Bourne Bridges to get there. Just get out to enjoy a walk -- preferably the half-mile stroll from the village to the harbor (with some beautiful, old homes along the way) -- and get a true taste of what the "real New England" is like.

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Some Cohasset travel attractions:

The Atlantica Restaurant overlooking Cohasset Harbor

Cohasset Harbor Inn also overlooking Cohasset Harbor

South Shore Music Circus outdoor entertainment tent

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