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Scenes of New England Photo Gallery: Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick, Maine

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Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick, Maine

Nubble Lighthouse, Cape Neddick, Maine

Article and photo by Eric H.

Nubble Light at Sohier Park in Cape Neddick, ME, is a beacon of classic Maine scenery with its famous Nubble Lighthouse, rocky coast, and waters capable of having either a placid presence or crashing, violent waves depending on the weather.  

Nubble Lighthouse, the main attraction, is an exceptionally well-maintained, colorful lighthouse with a two-story keeper's house, a 41-ft. tower rising 88 ft. above the high water mark and several outbuildings along what looks like a carved-out rock with some patches of green grass.  Sohier Park also features benches (and rock formations) with stunning views of the York, Maine, area and beyond, a gift shop with Maine-theme merchandise, and Fox's Lobster House -- a quintessential Maine seafood restaurant with a lobster tank, amazing clam chowder, pleasant dining rooms with amazing water views, and an ice cream stand with picnic tables.  There's nothing quite like eating at Fox's as the sun sets by the lighthouse, the salt air cools down, and the smell of lobster validates that you are officially in Maine.  It is so peaceful and refreshing, no matter how crowded it gets in the summer. Sometimes, no matter how much fame a tourist attraction like Nubble Light receives, you can never take away the authentic, natural feeling of that area.

Nubble Light is not just a summer place, however. After all, lighthouses never hibernate; just people do (or they take the easy vacation route to Florida).  The holiday season brings a beautiful lighted holiday scene at Nubble Lighthouse.  The fall, spring and winter bring more isolation, but if the weather isn't too rough, we recommend making a stop at Nubble Light as you have this revered Maine location more to yourself.  There's something rewarding about braving the colder weather. Suddenly, you realize that life in Maine is equally special in the off season as the feeling of taking the vacation road less taken can indeed create your own special oasis.  Just be sure to wear a warm jacket!

It's easy to spend hours at Nubble Light.  Why leave the area and search for the perfect Maine coastal destination when it is right in front of your own eyes at Sohier Park?

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