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Northeast Harbor, Maine: the Real Meaning of Civilization

Clifton Dock, Northeast Harbor, Maine

Clifton Dock, Northeast Harbor, Maine (photo by Eric H.)

by Leslie H.

Of all the wondrous vistas available in the Northeast, I consider Northeast Harbor, Maine, to be one of the most valuable examples of what pure Solitude can be. Keep in mind that I consider the difference between Loneliness and Solitude to be a world apart.

The tiny center, containing charming little shops, some with intrinsically unique examples of native artwork, is no more than, perhaps, 500 feet from end to end.

Upon exiting the center of this idyllic hamlet, one will, however gently,become immersed in the Solitude immediately available. I think of the particular form of quietude endemic to this part of Acadia National Park to be absolutely deafening. Gone are the usual ambient sounds that so many are used to being surrounded by. The reality and ensuing impact of pure tranquillity is so powerful and pandemic, that one will sense that his or her own world will have been tranformed within a matter of seconds in a deliciously arcane manner. I find myself walking greater distances in Northeast Harbor than in any other place I visit each summer. I'm sure it's because of the particular form and substance of Solitude that, in my view, only Northeast Harbor has been anointed with.Share with me this blessed experience, when you head up North. You will always remember.

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