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New England Pizza Restaurant Stories

Best pizza in southern Maine: When Pigs Fly Pizzeria in Kittery.
Pepperoni pizza from When Pigs Fly Pizzeria in Kittery, Maine.

Article and photos, unless otherwise noted, by Eric Hurwitz. Article created on 12/11//2018.

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New England might be best known for its lobster, clam chowder and clams when it comes to local cuisine, but pizza is no slouch, either.

Many New England pizza places have gone far beyond the convenient, basic "10 minutes, please" assembly line pizza by making their dough fresh daily, sourcing locally and creating unique pie combinations. Some of these places are well-known while others reside in the hidden gem category. With that in mind, here are the stories of local New England pizza places that give you a behind-the-scenes look at how they evolved as prime destinations for delicious pies...

Granfanallys Pizza Pub, Salem, N.H.

Sicillian pizza from Granfanallys Pizza Pub in Salem, N.H.
Sicilian pizza from Granfanallys in Salem, N.H. Photo, courtesy of the-roamingfoodie at Instagram.

Beau Ramunto's dad worked three decades in Long Island and Vermont creating delicious, real New York and sicilian pizza. Like father, like son. Opening Granfanallys three-and-a-half years ago, Beau brought these two delicious types of pizza to southern New Hampshire with skill, passion and enthusiasm. Although relatively new, Granfanallys, incredibly, ranks favorably with some of the most highly-regarded established pizza places in New England. Read the full story on Granfanallys

Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant, Ayer, Mass.

Nashoba Pizza Club Restaurant, Ayer, Mass.

Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant dates back to 1950 with countless stories told and many pizzas consumed along the way. It's a real hidden gem, known mostly by locals and those who have lived or worked in this small, unassuming town located in north central Massachusetts. Owner Bob Rakip and sons Brian and Scott have pretty much kept the same recipe for small business success that "Uncle Harold" started after "attending school" in New York City at "P.U." -- Pizza University that is. Read the full story on Nashoba Club Pizza Restaurant

Pleasant Cafe Roslindale, Mass.

Pizza restaurant stories: Pleasant Cafe, Roslindale, Mass.

One of the most beloved classic old school Boston neighborhood restaurants, the Pleasant Cafe has, remarkably, seen only ownership change since opening in 1937. The landmark marquee neon sign on the outside and wonderfully maintained plain interior lend a timeless vibe while the delicious thin crust pizza is more popular than ever. It's made with pizza sauces and dough made fresh every day and features a mouthwatering three-cheese blend, amazing tomato sauce, and crispy crust. Read the full story on the Pleasant Cafe

When Pigs Fly Pizzeria, Kittery, Maine

New England pizza restaurant stories: When Pigs Fly Pizzeria, Kittery Maine.

When Pigs Fly is best known for its incredible homemade breads sold at local grocery stores and farmers markets, but owners Ron and Andrew Siegel have also put their magic touch on wood-fired pizza. Ron always loved New York City-style pizza and wanted to create his own pizza pie masterpieces. This, despite, his unhappiness in the past working at, and owning restaurants. He bought a few wood-fired pizza ovens that sat on the front lawn of the restaurant until it was completed. The rest is history.  Read the full story on When Pigs Fly Pizzeria (After clicking link, scroll halfway down the page to locate the When Pigs Fly Pizzeria section)

Kindles Wood-Fired Pizzeria, Marlborough, Mass.

New England pizza restaurant stories: Kindles Pizzeria in Marlborough, Mass.

Kindles Pizzeria Owner Dave Champeau does not like to follow the pizza making path most taken. Instead, he deconstructs the typical processes in hopes of. Also using a wood-fired oven, Champeau focuses on cooking the pizza quickly with the right mix of ingredients in the proper proportions at high temperatures. The results are nothing short of amazing. Read the full story on Kindles Pizzeria

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